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Whaaa…. Good News?

March 31, 2010

I normally read the news expecting to get depressed.   Today, to my amazement, there was actually good news!

I went on the Huffington Post and found that a Federal Judge ruled that Bush’s wiretapping procedures were wrong!

*Eyes open wide*

I had to stare at the screen for about 10 minutes.  I was shocked in utter disbelief.  Good news for once!  There are still some decent folks in government.  Yay!


I also read that Obama signed a bill giving out billions in grants and aid to students.   I’d prefer all higher education be funded and paid for in entirety, but this is better than nothing.

One of the main factors behind a strong economy is how skilled and educated the citizen base is.  The greater the diversity of labor, and the more talented the people are at what they do, the better off we’ll all be.   The more incentive we give people to get educated the better.  You can’t lose making people smart.  Or smarter.  It’s worth the cost.

Let’s keep scanning down the page, see what we find!    This is one of those weird days where everything goes well.   Ooopp.  I spoke too soon.  Lookie here.  Jesse James giving a Nazi salute.  Oh good, he’s not a white supremacist.  That’s a relief.  Sarah Palin’s telling us all to reload and target government officials.  Hoo boy.   Senator has a brick thrown through his window.  Death threats.  Geez.  Obama’s drilling for oil.  Great, there goes those ecosystems.  Seriously, just build some nuclear power plants, and let’s use electric power cars.  *Sigh*.   More propaganda that Iran has nukes.  The neocons aren’t finished with the Middle-east yet.   Yale student jumps out of the Empire State building.  Ricky Martin is gay!  Uh oh, Shaq’s got a mistress.  Gitmo’s still around.  *Sigh*.   Some republicans got caught in a strip club.  Oh, how could they!?  *Rolls eyes*  Isn’t it amazing how hundreds of thousands can be killed in Iraq and people don’t seem to blink an eye, then some politicians visit a strip club and the media has a frenzy.

When it comes to sex, people are messed up in the head.  I mean, messed up.  Everyone wants to know about every sexually related affair.  Just study Sigmund Freud’s works.  The human psyche is largely dominated by sexual impulses.   Not too long back I read a book on the history of marriage and it was certainly interesting.  The Catholic church used to have a book they’d produce related to “sexual sins”.  During confession the priests compiled a library of various acts confessed to them regarding sex.   They then used this as a sort of reference guide to administer punishments to the confessing sinners based on what it recommended. I forget what Catholics call that.  Penance is it?

The book only allowed a man and wife to have sex in one position.  I believe it was missionary.  Don’t quote me on that though.  Every other position and act was considered sinful in various degrees.  Priests made confessors tell of their sexual acts in vivid detail.  It’s just repression, the priest’s anger being being taken out on the poor folks coming in to confess.

Sounds crazy but people aren’t any different today.  The culture’s changed around a bit, but people still freak out when it comes to sex.

I hope I don’t come off as a bad person here, but you know, people don’t seem to care about an affair if it’s with an unattractive woman.  You never see, “So and so had an affair with this fat chick”, though that happens too.  It’s almost always about a man and an attractive woman.  You see the celebrity, and then the picture of the gorgeous woman he slept with.  The picture of the guy almost always is one of him smiling, having a good time, and the gorgeous woman in a seductive outfit, or bikini, or something like that, if they have the photo.  That’s not a coincidence.  It all points toward repressed tensions and jealousy.

Yeah it’s terrible when a man cheats on his wife, but you have to ask why you’re getting so worked up over what happened to someone you barely know, especially when the event has no bearing on your life at all.  What makes you angry tells a lot about yourself.

People don’t get worked up over the affair with the fat chick because they’re not jealous.  The women don’t envy the ugly woman, and the men don’t envy the guy.  If she’s really unattractive, it almost has the opposite effect.  The guy becomes admirable, especially if he’s good looking.  I think the unspoken logic goes something along the lines, “Well, she must not have been treating him very well, because why in the world would he go for her, of all people.  The fat chick must be a really good person for him to leave his much better looking wife.  Good for them.”

Gotta love the news.

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