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We Are From The Light

Somehow I started doodling and ended up with this.  Maybe I’ll share more of my doodles on here in the future?

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Just Another Reason To Avoid Eating Fast Food

Did you know that the potatoes McDonalds uses for their french fries were grown using a pesticide so toxic, Idaho farmers can’t even enter their fields for an entire week after spraying?  But that’s not the end of it.  Once … Continue reading

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The South Korean Education System Is A Nightmare

Can you imagine going to school for eight hours a day, finally getting out at 4 pm, only to head to a cram school where you continue studying until 11 pm that night?  Then you go straight home, go to … Continue reading

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Snow Storms Lead To Babies

Human beings often fail to think about what they’re doing. Even when we have children, very little planning or thought seems to go into it.  I’ve been studying meteorology all morning and I came across an interesting blurb. “The blizzard of … Continue reading

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Ex Machina Looks Great

I don’t watch many movies, but I really look forward to seeing this one when it comes to theaters.  Here’s the trailer.

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