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STM – Introduction – Ideas And Mental Objects

Now that we’ve established a general outline to work within, let’s introduce the first topic area which will be a major focus throughout this book – Ideas and Mental Objects. Ideas And Mental Objects Imagine taking a leisurely walk through … Continue reading

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STM – Introduction – The Big Picture

Let’s now look at the universe and life from the largest perspective possible.  The best “big picture” perspective I’ve found on this can be found in Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity Is Near.  He looks at the world from the … Continue reading

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STM: Introduction – Existence Is Weird

“The reason why certain people turn to philosophy, why I became a philosopher, since I was a little boy, I always felt that existence as such was weird.  I mean, here we are.  Isn’t that odd?” – Alan Watts I … Continue reading

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