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Why I Stay Out Of Internet Debates

I’m sure most of you have noticed, but if you ever get into any sort of debate or online conversation, you’re going to come across loads of overconfident “know-it-alls”.  For example, it can be unbearable watching a Youtube video online … Continue reading

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A Summary Of Strange Research

Today I’d like share a short summary of all the strange research I’ve been conducting on my own over the past few years, particularly pertaining to consciousness.  This is basically a quick list of all the things I’ve found which … Continue reading

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Some Random Thoughts On Video-games

Recently the President showed a highlight reel of the sorts of intense violence in today’s video-games.   It’s pretty bad.  You can take a look at the reel for yourself. I think the highlights speak for themselves.  Considering that’s what we … Continue reading

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Show Them A Better Way

As I get older and am more experienced in this world, I feel like one of the most important things we’re all supposed to do is show people a better way.  I’m not saying to be pompous and arrogant, thinking … Continue reading

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Tying Some Crazy Thoughts Together

Lately I’ve been posting what to some must seem like some really strange subject matters.  To provide a little evidence for what I’ve been talking about, I would like you all to listen to a talk given by a Harvard … Continue reading

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