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The South Korean Education System Is A Nightmare

Can you imagine going to school for eight hours a day, finally getting out at 4 pm, only to head to a cram school where you continue studying until 11 pm that night?  Then you go straight home, go to … Continue reading

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Do Our Opinions Matter?

Princeton recently did a research study, looking at public support for a particular government policy and whether or not it becomes a law. What did they find?  Pretty much what you’d expect.  There is absolutely no correlation between what we … Continue reading

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The Dangers Of Making Certain Facts Taboo

Anyone paying attention to politics has surely realized that political correctness makes having certain important discussions very difficult.  There are topics that are just off limits.  The ideas are taboo.  But what happens when curious people are exposed to true … Continue reading

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The Permanent War Economy And Military Keynesianism

In this post I’m going to try to briefly explain why U.S. involvement in the Middle East is not going to end anytime soon.  To understand what’s actually going on, we have to go back to the Great Depression in … Continue reading

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What The War On Drugs Does To People

We oftentimes hear politicians talking about how they’re going to clean up our communities, get rid of the drugs, and that we all need to be tough on drug offenders.  This leads them to put incredibly harsh punishments on all … Continue reading

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