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Black Mirror Is Here

Did any of you guys see that episode of Black Mirror where every person has a social media score, and every time you interact with someone you’re rated on a scale of 0-5?  Well, that’s now becoming a reality.  Facebook … Continue reading

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Joe Biden Has No Empathy For Millennials

If you listen to the mainstream media, they’re telling us Joe Biden is a top pick for the presidential nominee of the Democratic party in 2020.  I’m a bit puzzled why that is.  In the upcoming 2020 election, millennials will … Continue reading

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We’re Leaving Syria And Maybe Afghanistan Too!

I am not normally happy reading the news, but when I heard President Trump’s announcement to bring our troops home from Syria, I was elated.  I want us out of the middle east.  The President also announced talks to withdraw … Continue reading

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Invisible People

Today I’ve been watching videos and documentaries on the homelessness crisis here in the United States, particularly within Los Angeles.   It’s heartbreaking.  We have people working full time jobs, even pooling together resources with other friends and family, and they’re … Continue reading

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Bombshell! The Walls Are Closing In! Or Not…

Ever flip on the news and watch them repeat some narrative over and over and over, hoping that it eventually sticks?  Take a look at this video. Bombshell, bombshell, bombshell.  We’re at a turning point.  We’re at a turning point.  … Continue reading

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