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Show Them A Better Way

As I get older and am more experienced in this world, I feel like one of the most important things we’re all supposed to do is show people a better way.  I’m not saying to be pompous and arrogant, thinking … Continue reading

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Nobody Is Smarter Than You Are

I wanted to share a video I found online which I absolutely love. It’s by a guy named Terrence Mckenna, who was this sort of wacky hippy figure famous for exploring psychedelics and giving talks all around the world. In … Continue reading

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The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself

Change oftentimes happens so slowly in each of us, we don’t realize that we’re changing when we are.  The biggest change that’s happened with me over the past, oh, I don’t know, past several years is I have far less … Continue reading

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Transforming Any Aspect Of Your Life

We’ve just started the new year and many people have made all kinds of resolutions to change.  I wanted to briefly share my experience with how transformations happen in life.  Since most people want to transform their body in some … Continue reading

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The Military Industrial Complex And Me

When I first graduated high school, I was extremely ambitious.  I had this dream of starting up my own company, building it all from the ground up, and had daydreams of how it was going to be this exciting adventure. … Continue reading

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