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My Quest For Peace Of Mind

If a had a genie in a bottle, and I could ask for anything, there’s no doubt in my mind what I would ask for — peace of mind.  I wouldn’t be asking for wealth, material possessions, romantic love, or … Continue reading

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Dancing Shiva And The World Of Form

I don’t typically collect art, but I’ve always been drawn to statues of Shiva dancing. In the Hindu religion and other sects, this being creates, protects, and transforms the universe.  It is a limitless, formless, transcendent, unchanging, absolute being of … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not On Facebook

It’s funny, but I’m now becoming one of those older people who say, “What’s happening to young people today!?”  As everyone probably knows, I’m working as a physics lecturer, and I see young folks just immersed in these phones and … Continue reading

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Some Random Thoughts On Video-games

Recently the President showed a highlight reel of the sorts of intense violence in today’s video-games.   It’s pretty bad.  You can take a look at the reel for yourself. I think the highlights speak for themselves.  Considering that’s what we … Continue reading

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The Religion Of Inevitable Progress

I’ve spent this weekend reading Aldous Huxley’s book The Perennial Philosophy. I would describe it as Huxley’s attempt to glean some sort of universal truth which all the world’s religions and spiritual traditions point to, while filtering out the rest … Continue reading

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