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Political Correctness Is Out Of Control

February 8, 2014

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Jerry Seinfeld.  He was the star of his hit TV comedy Seinfeld throughout the 90’s, and now he does a web show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  In an interview, they were asking him about comedy and stand up routines.  He said, “if you’re not funny, I’m not interested. I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that.”  He said that comedy is the ultimate form of justice.  The audience laughs or they don’t.  That’s the only real factor.

Then they asked him why almost all of his web show guests have been white males.  Of course, they were implying that he doesn’t have racial diversity in his show.  Where are the asians, blacks, women, and everybody else?  I loved Jerry’s response, “What is this, the census?”  The left is now saying he’s a racist.

This stuff makes me sick.  Click toward the bottom right to get it to play.

I’ve never seen a group as intolerant in all my life.  See that woman in the interview?  “I used to be a fan of Jerry, but now… UGH!”  The third woman’s response is so telling.  Listen carefully to what she says, “He’s had so much success, and he’s had that success doing things his way…” 

God forbid he does things his way on his show.  Why should it be your way, or anyone else’s way?  It’s his show.  And what is the left’s problem?  He was just saying comedy should be based on merit, not anything else.  What’s wrong with that?

It’s his cameras.  His cars.  His equipment.  His guests.  He’s the one paying to advertise the show.  You know what?  That gives him the right to have whoever he wants as his guests.  Period.

And by the way, he had Chris Rock and Mario Joyner on his web show.  So much for your claims he’s a racist.  He’s also had Tina Fey.  They’re not all white males.

If you deal with these leftists, you have to have a politically correct statement  prepared in advance for every question they ask you, and if you say anything they don’t like or disagree with, they’re going to boycott you and cause a giant stir.

If you’re going to accuse a person of racism, why Jerry Seinfeld?  He’s the racist?  Really?  Give me a break. Go after real racists, not the rich white guy whose success you can’t stand.

I’ve had it with political correctness, in all of its forms.   This isn’t equality, this is control.  This is one group of people trying to tell another group of people what to do with their things.  I don’t respect that at all.

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