Back from the Abyss

After my long travels with Virgil through Hell, Paradise, and Purgatory, I’ve finally made it back home to the Black Widow.

Yes the site has been down for months – 6 months.  My adoring fans postcards have been brought to me by the archangel, and I have heard your cries.  Content will be delivered: as I’m sure your thoughts have dwelt on the ‘box’.  Some have theorized this box to have a deep metaphysical meaning: such as the very act of creation – the distinction of inside and out – the Kabbalistic distinction of nothing from something.

In fact, if it must be told, I’ve simply been lazy.  I’ve forgotten about my disciples – the ones yearning for knowledge of the ‘truth’.  I have been with Plotinus, and my eyes have been towards the divine, but now I face my soul away and return from the light – and my soul shall create a new world for all of you.

The past six months have been mainly focused on C.S. Lewis, Betrand Russell, and various eschatology.  I’ve pondered a great many things and have come to some new discoveries.  I shall outline for your my long journey of thought

I’ve …

1. Traveled to Narnia and back
2. Aquired new beliefs towards Hell
3. Studied the Medieval period in depth
4. Dissected the Greek philosophers of antiquity
5. Cast grave doubts on near all current Biblical interpretation as related to death and eschatology
6. Discovered the identity of the ‘Legend of Layton’


1. Travels to Narnia

I’ve only read the first 2 books, sadly, because of the movie.  I started on the third book but only to put it down for other reading.  Betrand Russell’s ‘History of Western Philosophy’ seemed to me slightly more interesting.

The first two books were quite excellent, and I would recommend to my followers.

2. Acquired new beliefs towards Hell

In light of my recent studies, I do not believe Hell to be a literal lake of fire.  At 4 AM, I am sorry but I am not going to greatly elaborate on this issue.  Simply put – it never made sense to me rationality, then finally, after study of scripture, evidence also seems to weigh against the literal lake of fire.  I will post an in-depth analysis eventually.

3. Studied the Medieval Period

Betrand Russell, in his passionate quest to destroy Christianity (or so it seemed), elaborated on great lenghts on the Catholic church, and the Pope.  I can summarize this in a few short words: The Catholic church is most likely a religious arm of a larger political body.  I’ve never thought too highly of the Mithra-Babylonian ‘cult’ called the Catholic Church – or the papacy’s struggle in naked power politics.

4, Dissected the Greek philosophers of antiqity

I’ve been on a long quest starting at the first philosophers of all time, and working my way to the modern.  The ‘Great Discussion’ – as Mortimer Adler called it.  My journeys have started with Democritius and the Atomists, the Stoics, the Cynics, the Sceptics, the Epicureans, as well as the demigods Aristotle and Plato. I’ve learned of the consummation of Orphic and other Eastern philosophies into Plato’s philosophy.  If you must know, the Republic isn’t all it’s hyped out to be.  I’ll write a review on the book soon.  Aristotle is better – writing from more of a scientific ‘topical’ approach, as opposed to scattered, inconclusive dialogues.  Unfortunately, Aristotle’s metaphysics has plagued the world of thought since, and it seems still has the minds of many fettered away deep within erroneous ideas.  His logic has grave faults, which lead to the misconceptions of ‘essence’ and ‘nature’ – which is where we get the words ‘essential’ and ‘nature’. These concepts are horribly faulty – and I still see theologians using these terms frequently in their arguments.  There’s no doubt we should also question Aristotle’s exhaltation of pride as a virtue, as well as his literal advice for faux government religion for mind manipulation of the public.

I hate to write scattered thoughts.  I will write in-depth on these issues as I have time.

5. Cast grave doubts on all current biblical interpration

Simply put – certain issues of the Bible seem jerry-rigged and people aren’t answering the questions.  The debates between literal interpration and symbolic interpration of various Biblical texts has made me sick to my stomach.  Both are in need of some serious help.  Take for instance: Mat 10:23  “But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another: for verily I say unto you, Ye shall not have gone over the cities of Israel, till the Son of man be come.”

Basically in this passage you’ll find Jesus sending out his disciples to evangelize Israel.  He specifically says before you finish evangelizing, the Son of Man will come.  This, when literally interpreted has to refer to the second coming of Christ.  Don’t tell me otherwise.  The early church all believed this verse to mean Jesus was going to come back any day now and to be ready.  Literal interpration scholars have no real answer, but simply say, “Well, it didn’t happen, so that’s not what it meant” — then go on an SYMBOLIZE the meaning saying it meant the ‘spirit of Jesus judgment’ as he came down in wrath against Jerusalem in 70 AD.  Well that’s symbolizing something that could easily be interpreted literally.  That’s a jerry-rigged answer.

When you symbolize a text that could be interpreted literally – you have no other basis to base the meaning of the scripture on.  Words themselves are rooted in experience.  If the word’s meaning is not rooted in experience, it becomes ‘spiritualized’, and doesn’t have any real meaning.  Those interpreters saying this verse means Jesus’ judgment in 70 AD is nonsense.  I’ve been searching and have found no one has an adequate explanation of this dilemma.  I’ve been slightly edging towards disbelief in infallable scripture.  I’m not sure though.

It almost seems an unassailable position.  In the end, it’s a work in progress I suppose – but something that needs to be addressed, that’s all.  Don’t wave your crosses at me – I’m no heretic.

6. Discovered the ‘Legend of Layton’

For my uncle, this Christmas, I wrote him a book, which entailed my entire family in an epic adventure as the Legend leads my cousin Prince Phillip to slay the ‘Red Marlesque’.  A wonderful story.  I’ll be sure to post it as a downloadable PDF to my site soon.

Societal Superheroes

I think everyday that our society asks too much of us.  We’re supposed to work our jobs everyday with  the utmost degree of excellence.  We’re supposed to be “informed voters” on every political issue.   We’re supposed to spend quality time with our friends, family, and loved ones.  We’re supposed to  visit the sick in the hospital, and those in jail.  We’re supposed to …
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Black Widow Commissioned

Ladies and gentlemen, my new computer: 3.2GHz P4, 2 GB DDR2, SATA II HD, … yeah, this thing’s a beast.

Every programmer needs his monster computer and I just bought mine.  I custom bought everything, built from the ground up for the best machine ever.  I spared no expense in buying the best brand name components: (Corsair memory, Gigabyte motherboard, …).  It’s nice!

And unlike the last computer I built, I didn’t fry the USB ports and actually hooked up all those stupid little LCD connectors correctly!  My red Hard-drive light and green Power-light actually work!  I even took the time to hook up the extra USB ports on the front of my case!

Though, unfortuantely, my mouse died!  It’s an old mouse that Andrew gave me several years ago for my birthday.  It was my favorite mouse.  It was REALLY big.  A special ergonomic mouse that was just awesome.  It started dieing though, and I had to buy a new black logitech optical mouse.

Since the whole machine (case, mouse, etc) is all black, I thought the Black Widow was an appropriate name.

Notice: Going Physical

That’s right.  No more emails.  No more IM conversations.  I hate computers and I’m done with them.  After I get these software projects done, I’m done with computers.  I’m never going to touch them again.  If you want to contact me, you’ll have to phone or Fax me.  I want to hear you with my ears and touch things I’m sent with my hands!  PHYSICAL documents!

It’s like a nightmare.  Now cell phone practically have their own operating systems.  I think some cells run a light version of Windows CE.  No way, now they’re going to screw that world up too.  Phones are going to be locking up, and getting spyware and viruses.  Get spam text messages.  Whatever happened to classic land-line analog phones.  That’s what I’m talking about.  How often do you see those breaking or locking up?  Charge per minute.  Real people at the other end.

As a programmer I’ve spent enough time on this computer for 10 lifetimes and even if paper notes and research is less ‘effecient’, I don’t care.  No more headaches and red-eyes.  No more legs cramped from sitting in this chair too long!  I’m going to write with my hands!  Yes, doodle in margins, hand-draw charts!  Hand-written research papers.  I’m going all out here.  I’m not typing, and I’ll tell you what, if you can’t read it, I DON’T CARE.

But Jason, you can fit that entire Library on a single DVD!  I don’t care!  I’m going to have PHYSICAL books and read them on a nice non-computer recliner kicked back.  I’m going to have books scattered everywhere with physical papers and file cabinets full of stuff!  YES! I don’t care if it’s slow to search.  What am I in such a rush for?

I have a dream.  A dream where there’s no computers.  No video games.  No internet.  People physically conversed and actually got out of the house.  Blockbuster was obliterated and people actually played basketball the Rec center.  Whatever happened to high quality pickup games? Whatever happened to Football, Baseball, and kids on bikes riding outside!?

I’ve been dreaming of it for a good 6 months now, but I’m finally going to strive to get out of it.  No more software development and no more computers.  No more technology.  People think this technology is so great but I’ll tell you all it is giving up 3 of your 5 senses for ‘speed’ in communication.  No More!  It’s parks and fresh-air for me.

Today has mainly been studying Borland ECO internals and in-depth (yeah programming!) .  I’m getting a little computer tired so I don’t think this journal entry is going to be too long.

I’ve been reading a PHYSICAL book: John Locke’s the Reasonableness of Christianity.  I think it’s THE best book as far as explaining things.  I need to write a big entry of all I’ve learned from it.  Though right now, I’d rather get back to reading! 🙂

I still haven’t got any sort of vehicle.  I’ve also been riding my motorcycle a lot lately.  It’s been a lot of fun.

Oh, I finally got to watch the rest of the David Icke DVD set.  Definetely about as ‘out there’ as you can get.  I enjoyed it a lot.  That’s some crazy stuff.