12 Reasons For Cynicism Among University Students

Within this article plan to find twelve main reasons widespread cyncism exists among university students.  I’m going to show how everything from religious studies, to marxism, to philosophy, astrophysics, cosmology, economics, rhetoric, political science, and darwinism inevitably, when presented in the typical university fashion, will make you cynical about everything — and full of doubt about your world, government, family, and faith.
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5 Mindsets That Inevitably Lead to Failure

Here’s 5 mindsets most people have, that keep them in poverty, and leave them unhappy.

I’ll list out each mindset below, then go into the details of why I hate each of them.

1. All I care about is my family.  I don’t care about material things.  The best things in life are free.
2. Living for My Children
3.  It doesn’t matter what you acquire in this life – what really matters is what you leave behind you when you go.
4. Justice – Life isn’t fair
5. Ambition is a Bad Thing
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