Thoughts On Christian Music

Christian radio stations and musicians tend to feel their music is uplifting and inspirational.  Maybe it’s just me, but I find nothing of the sort.

I have this habit, when I’m riding home from Greg’s house, to always turn on this Christian radio station in my area, SpiritFM, and listen to the new Christian music that is out.  I personally cannot listen to it for a very long time.

What is it about it?  There’s really two main factors I find in all the top Christian music.  There’s either:

1)  Incredible Vagueness (Ex: Holy is the Lord, Praise His Name, Worship Him, …)
2)  The World sucks, but Jesus is with me
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Everything vs Nothing

You see a nice “model” which I call “The System of Negation”, which I have been heavily thinking about.  What is its purpose?  Though it has more reasons behind it than what I’m about to say, the main purpose behind it is to help people see that a lot of what they talk about is vague, and that they are saying next to nothing.

System Of Negation

You see the most vague term I have on the chart is “entity”.  I can think of several other vague words as well, such as “thing”, “object”, and “thought”.  I think vague words, and vague concepts end up saying the closest thing possible to nothing, the most vague being concepts which embody “pure unity”.  A word which stood for everything which exists would be a word having the meaning of “pure unity” (Ex: the philosopher’s word of ‘being’).
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Prenuptial Agreements

This journal entry is prepared solely to present a very basic version of my views toward marriage and the prenuptial agreement.
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Bad Faith

Bad faith is one of the most frequently encountered phenomenons you will ever see.  It is an important psychological concept to understand, not only for ethical reasons, but in order to help your friends and family when you see them living in bad faith.  I think you will find bad faith in nearly anyone you ever talk to.  It causes them much unneccessary thinking, depression, and confusion.  But what is it exactly?  In this journal entry I plan to break down bad faith, and show exactly what is going on in the mind of the person in bad faith, and real-life examples of dealing with it.
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Is Love The Answer?

Upon riding home from Greg’s house tonight, I heard a song “Love is the answer, Love will find a way.”  I myself wonder…Will love find a way?  Will it solve our problems?
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