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Gotta Love The Fed

May 9, 2009

I personally believe the Federal Reserve is one of the biggest inhibitors of happiness and prosperity in the developed world.  They’re a private bank, which regulates and controls the financial markets, but has absolutely no checks or balances from our elected officials.  Basically, they do whatever they want, and nobody can say anything.  Is it any wonder why people struggle financially, when a private bank is in control of all our monetary regulation, and has the power to create money?

During all these financial bailouts, and other huge government financial transactions, the Fed has ran off with over a trillion dollars, which as “disappeared”.  Other news reporters and trying to figure out what has happened with the TARP money (Trouble Asset Relief Program — more bailout stuff), but the Fed is not telling what they did with the money.

Here is a congressman asking a member of the Federal Reserve as to what’s going on with all this taxpayer money they’ve been given.  Basically, she gives him the run around.

Like I said before, this “bailout”, and all the other financial madness going on under the Obama administration is flat out robbery.  Trillions of dollars are being stolen, and our country is being pillaged and bankrupted.

For political reasons, Obama has tried to make himself look good in the press by saying he’s “scrubbing” his future budget line by line.  He’s eliminated some 17 billion in spending.  That’s nice, I guess, but what about the trillions that are disappearing, without a trace?   That’s like stealing a loaf of bread, and bringing us back a crumb and saying, “Nothing to worry about.”

I saw Obama on Leno, and he made some comment like, “Looookkk.  Things need to be like they were during the Clinton era.   Those who are making a little more money, need pay a little more in taxes, to pay for the healthcare, education, and other programs.  As for those who make less, they need a tax break.  It’s just fair, and we all have a responsiblity to do what we can.”   But that’s such garbage.   When you see how things actually work, that’s almost irrelevant.  The REAL problem is these big Wall Street bankers, but Obama is not talking about them, because he appointed all of them to run his cabinet.  Tax the American businessmen and entrepreneurs, then hand it all their money over to the super mega rich Wall Street multi billionaires.

What’s really going on is they’ve robbed the poor and middle class of everything they have.  They’ve buried them in debt and credit cards, and have made them slaves.  Now they’re trying to rob those who have saved, and run successful businesses.  They’re going to heavily tax them, while also  stealing their savings by printing up a ton of money, and bombing out the value of the dollar.  As for the money they print up, they’re going to gobble up banks, and other businesses which they weren’t in control of prior — like General Motors.  They oust their CEOs, and put in their goons.

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