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“I” Can’t…

Yesterday I commented on how the mind is untrustworthy, often lying to you about who you are.  It likes to barge into your awareness, often while yelling out “I” this, and “I” that, making bold claims about who and what … Continue reading

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Meditation And The Illusory “I”

I meditate a lot these days, most of the time simply observing my own thoughts, emotions, and mind from the “outside”, without judgement.  It’s been a profound experience for me.  I’ve been learning the human mind is very crafty and … Continue reading

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Why I Stay Out Of Internet Debates

I’m sure most of you have noticed, but if you ever get into any sort of debate or online conversation, you’re going to come across loads of overconfident “know-it-alls”.  For example, it can be unbearable watching a Youtube video online … Continue reading

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Black Mirror Is Here

Did any of you guys see that episode of Black Mirror where every person has a social media score, and every time you interact with someone you’re rated on a scale of 0-5?  Well, that’s now becoming a reality.  Facebook … Continue reading

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My Personal Goals For 2019

At the start of each year, most people make new years resolutions.  I suppose this would be my goals for 2019. I wish to find/create a place within myself where I am in a state of far greater contentment and … Continue reading

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