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Invisible People

Today I’ve been watching videos and documentaries on the homelessness crisis here in the United States, particularly within Los Angeles.   It’s heartbreaking.  We have people working full time jobs, even pooling together resources with other friends and family, and they’re … Continue reading

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Bombshell! The Walls Are Closing In! Or Not…

Ever flip on the news and watch them repeat some narrative over and over and over, hoping that it eventually sticks?  Take a look at this video. Bombshell, bombshell, bombshell.  We’re at a turning point.  We’re at a turning point.  … Continue reading

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The Light Realm

This is a near death experience of man who, when he died, reconnected with the deepest aspects of himself.  He entered the true light, the clear light.  He took off every false “garment” and false identity.  When you’re dead (or … Continue reading

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Incarnational Loop de Loop

I’ve been fascinated with these ancient Gnostic scriptures dug up in Egypt.  They’re interesting in that they describe all the strange phenomenon I read about in near death experiences and other strange literature.  Take the book I referenced the other … Continue reading

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Reflections On Spirituality

This is going to be a post on what I feel spirituality is, and what a person becomes when they lack a deep spiritual aspect to their life.  I’m going to break this down using two different models, one to … Continue reading

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