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A Problem For Creationists

August 22, 2010

Take a look at the night sky.  It’s well known that many of the stars are tens of thousands of light years away.  The farthest stars we observe in the Milky Way are around 95,000 light years away from us.  There are innumerable galaxies which are millions or even billions of light years away from us.  Now if this is the case, then when God created all of these galaxies and put them in their positions, did he also create all the light beams already in place?  If He didn’t, then we shouldn’t see anything but those stars within 6,000 or so light years from us.  The rest of the night sky should be black.  New stars should be appearing in the sky each night as their light just reached us for the first time. However, this isn’t what we observe.

If you’re not convinced by the fossil record, the common ancestry found within all of our DNA, or potassium-argon dating, then this alone should be enough to convince you that creationism is wrong.  I’m thinking that over the next few months, each time I come across a piece of evidence like this, I’m going to post it on here for creationists to look at.

The picture we see in our telescopes gives factual evidence for the Big Bang.  When you look out using say the Hubble telescope, you see this,

Looking through a high powered telescope is like looking into a time-machine because the light reaching us is coming from different distances and was emitted at different times.  Quite a profound thing to think about.

There’s so much waiting for you to understand.   Give up your superstitions and learn the truth about our universe.  We’re a part of something truly amazing.  The universe is very big and very very old.  We can’t even begin to comprehend 13.7 billion years.  It’s even harder to comprehend that our universe is likely just one member of a multi-verse.

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