Don’t Watch The News

Mainstream news networks are not very trustworthy.  Let’s use Fox News for example.  If you were watching their network news a few years ago, everything Obama did or proposed was evil and misguided.  It didn’t seem to matter what issue it was, if Obama was for it, they were against it.  Now let’s fast forward a few years; we have President Trump doing the exact same things they were criticizing Obama for, but Trump is praised to wide acclaim and fanfare.  The video below illustrates this perfectly.

Other networks such as MSNBC and CNN are the same way, though they root for the opposing team.  These networks are unprincipled cheerleaders for either the Republicans or the Democrats.

The bias is getting so bad, reporters and journalists are having to stay away from mainstream networks out of fear of appearing compromised.  For instance, the New York Times has recently announced that their reporters are no longer allowed on CNN’s Don Lemon or MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s programs because the shows are too obviously left-leaning.  Similar sorts of things are happening on the conservative end of things.  Things are so polarized it’s impossible not to notice.

There seems to finally be some acknowledgement of bias, but now the news climate is so bad, we can’t even have a dialog with one another.  You’re banned from talking to them, they’re banned from talking to you, and we all sit in our isolated bubbles, talking to ourselves.

Now that I’m on Facebook I watch my family and others fighting over this news stuff.  It’s amazing to watch how these networks control what people all over the world think and talk about.  They run a story and then my Facebook feed blows up with people I know talking about these issues, for or against, mostly parroting talking points from the articles they’ve read or news segments they’ve seen.

I struggle to pay attention to it anymore.  It’s not that I don’t care.  I do.  It’s mainly the struggle to get any information that is reliable.  I simply don’t trust any of these sources.  I’ve investigated them many times over the past twenty years, and over and over, they lie and lie and lie.  They omit key facts, they distort issues, they paint their enemies in an unfair light, and I could go on.  I want information that is complete and trustworthy.  That has the full picture.  But from what I mainly see, “news” has become spin, opinion, and bad-mouthing.  It’s a huge undertaking to get to the bottom of what’s really going on, and I no longer find it worth the energy.  It’s a massive drain on your time.

A person could be composing music, creating art, researching things you’re interested in, meditating, out hiking, spending time with family, the list goes on.  Instead you’re listening to these propaganda networks who are so bent on gaining views and keeping interest, they’ll do anything to build a loyal following, even if that means skewing the facts and pitting you against your neighbor.  And if you deeply investigate things, you realize their money comes from advertising, and who advertises?  The large corporations.  So digging deeper, you find out these networks are often promoting lines of thought which are in the best interest of the corporations.

In the past we could use the internet, but the tech giants are being shown to have a political agenda these days.  They’re picking winners and losers in the information war.  They’re tweaking their search algorithms in such a way that certain ideas and agendas are placed in front of their users while other dissenting ideas are buried where no one will ever see them.  They arbitrarily choose what we see and don’t see.  More and more it’s based on who has money.  Whoever gives these social media companies the most money get the most exposure.  And if you don’t do what they say, you’re banned, demonetized, or banished to some portion of the website where nobody will ever see you.

In today’s world we have access to information we never had access to before.  But then again, the old elite interests are working double time to make sure that that information gets buried in places we’ll never find it.

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