A Summary Of Strange Research

Today I’d like share a short summary of all the strange research I’ve been conducting on my own over the past few years, particularly pertaining to consciousness.  This is basically a quick list of all the things I’ve found which cannot be well explained by physics, neuroscience, or any mainstream science for that matter.  These are in no particular order.

  1. Reconnecting to God / The Infinite / The Light Realm Through Powerful Hallucingens, particularly DMT, Ayahuasca, etc.

DMT is a naturally occurring neural transmitter which can be found within all of our brains.  Though it’s labeled as a “drug”, it’s not harmful in any way.  It’s not addictive, nor does it get you emotionally high.  However, it does have profound psychological effects.  In particular, if you artificially synthesize it and inject yourself with it, or smoke it, at high doses you will be blasted out of your body.  In the video below, you’ll hear accounts of people on high doses of DMT, all of them sharing how they reconnected with the same “light realm” I’ve been talking about in recent posts.  They describe each layer of their humanity being pulled off, one by one, until they no longer are human and become pure spirit, at one with God; all time and space dissolve, they become the infinite, all knowing, and are all powerful.  Notice the description of the “vibration”, like they’re entering a higher frequency.  They hear the “Aum” vibration sound, louder and louder, until that energy becomes all powerful and all-encompassing.  They describe this life as being a sort of dream, or even a dream within a dream, and this is them returning “home”, exactly as in near death experiences.

As I go through more of these areas of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the brain is filtering out higher aspects of our mind and consciousness.  When brain activity gets disrupted either from drugs or trauma, conscious experience EXPANDS, it does not diminish.

2.  Near Death Experiencers Leaving Body And Returning To God

These are accounts of people who came awfully close to death but are saved at the last minute in the hospital, etc.  They die in car accidents, surgeries, or other traumatic events.  Here is an account of a man who is out at recess with another kid at school.  His friend has been practicing martial arts and wants to show him a throw.  The friend picks him up and throws him down straight on his head on the asphalt.  You’d think he’d simply be unconscious, but that’s not what happens.  This man’s brain seems unable to “trap” him within his body anymore, he pops out, becomes some sort of spherical, full 360 degree awareness, looking down on the scene from above, and shortly thereafter is escorted back to the light realm, where powerful spiritual entities take him to the source of all existence.

Here he’s told he’s actually an all-powerful child of God who has temporarily taken on a limited existence simply to entertain himself.  In reality, he’s not a human.  He’s never been separated from the infinite (God), but it’s been within him the whole time, temporarily blocked from his conscious perception because he chose to hide it all from himself.  It’s all a big game him and others are playing, just to have an experience.  These spiritual entities then tell him that love is the most important thing, and to never forget that; he’s then sent back to Earth to finish the experience he wanted to have.

3.  Yogis Reconnecting To God In Deep Meditation

According to meditation masters, the deeper one dives into meditation, the illusory consciousness the brain produces can be pulled back, layer by layer, not unlike what happens in the DMT trip.  The main difference is that in meditation, this is a controlled peeling off of illusions.  In fact, the great yogis seem to be attempting to get back to the light realm, to become one with God.  Some apparently do get there, and when they do, they sit in one place for days at a time, not moving at all, sitting there in perfect peace.

Masters such as Paramhansa Yogananda taught that we are living a dream within a dream, but when we go back “into the light”, beyond both dreams, we return to the light realm, or as all these people have been referring, “home, back with the Father”.   This current life we’re living is the deepest level dream, not unlike that movie Inception.  Once you wake up from the current dream, you “wake up” to yet another dream, which we often hear about as the “spirit” realm, or in other circles as the “astral” realm.  When one practices Kriya Yoga, as meditation is mastered, the first enhancement of perception is the opening of what is called the “third eye”, which allows perception of this astral realm and entities which live there.  You can induce yourself into “out of body” experiences, become that spherical 360 degree awareness (exactly the same as near death experiences when they ‘die’), fly around, and explore the astral.  According to the yogis, there are both higher and lower planes to the astral realm.  Each state of consciousness has a frequency, a vibrational state (which lines up with all physics I’ve studied. Everything is vibration).  The lower planes contain bad actors, who we might refer to as demons.  They’re bad news and are even trying to climb up into this realm when they can.  The higher planes contain enlightened beings, which some religions refer to as angels, or devas.

4. Scientifically Induced Out Of Body Experiences

While a kriya yogi can induce an “out of body” through concentration within, it’s also possible to induce these same experiences, jumping out of body, by scientific means.  For example, if you put yourself in a sensory deprivation chamber and listen to certain types of audio, particularly binaural beats, you can leave the body in that way.  The deprivation chamber helps one forget about their body and the senses (EXACTLY what the yogis do in meditation, go figure!), and focusing all conscious attention on that binaural beat, waving back and forth, does something strange to a person’s brain waves.  It somehow aligns the two hemispheres of one’s brain and then the person just “pops” out of their body.  You can then fully explore the astral/spirit plane at your leisure, and come back to your body, simply by willing to do so (read about the ‘silver cord’).  You can learn about all this by reading the books of Robert Monroe.

He was a wealthy businessman who worked in radio.  Someone asked him to develop sound clips that would help people fall asleep.  When researching this, he came across these binaural beats, and while undergoing the research on himself, found himself popping in and out of body.  Thinking he was going crazy, he wanted to bring in some experts.  Being wealthy, he eventually hired a team of scientists (one a former NASA physicist) to help him with the research.  Before long, the scientists were also popping out of body and were exploring the spirit realms along with him.  You can read about all of this in Robert Monroe’s trilogy of books.

I read all three of these books and was not able to put them down.  The NASA scientist who was hired on is named Tom Campbell, and he wrote about all of this as well in his book ‘My Big Theory of Everything (TOE)’.  The book contains not only his personal accounts of what happened, but also his theory about what this reality is, trying to tie his experiences with quantum theory, general relativity, etc., along with simulation theory.

5.  Hypnotic Regression

It seems that if you’re able to overcome the illusory consciousness produced by the brain (and there’s more than one way to do this), and get beyond its filters, you gain access to higher states of consciousness.  This is what the true nature of the “subconscious” is.  Carl Jung became obsessed with this toward the later half of his life, and even wrote on Kundalini Yoga in particular (Kriya Yoga being a form of Kundalini).

This goes far beyond just unconscious brain signals.  If you have an expert get you into a deep hypnotic state, really deep, you’ll have access to this subconscious, where the eternal mysteries of life seem to be hidden.  Recent posts of mine have been talking about this, referencing books written by highly decorated Ivy League psychologists such as Brian Weiss.  Here’s the thing.  If you’re really this eternal spirit from the light realm, like all these different things are pointing to, what in the world were you doing before this Earth life?  How many “dream” lives have you had?  Has this been going on for eternity?  This information is accessible in two ways (that I know of at least).  For one, you can have a trained expert hypnotize you and lead you through these memories by proper questioning.  Get deep enough in the hypnosis and you can relive all the events.  From that point on, those memories will be conscious to you, even when you “wake up” from the hypnotism.  You’ll remember these past lives.  Another more vivid way to experience this recall is to do Kriya Yoga, induce the out of body state, enter the spirit plane, and then simply request this information from your “higher self”, your spirit, your true Self, which has remained with God within the light realm.  All will then be shown to you.  You will “fly through” your lives, controlling the playback by thought alone, moving to any point in any life you’ve ever lived, no matter how far back.  “What was I in my past life?”  You’ll “become” yourself, as you were then, or you can step out above it and view it all from that spherical 360 degree view.  You can jump to any time, any moment, by thought-request.

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but this will have to do for now.

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