We’re Leaving Syria And Maybe Afghanistan Too!

I am not normally happy reading the news, but when I heard President Trump’s announcement to bring our troops home from Syria, I was elated.  I want us out of the middle east.  The President also announced talks to withdraw from Afghanistan!  Wow!  This is a dream come true for me.  But, surprise surprise, the mainstream media won’t have it, either on the left or the right. 

If we look to the conservative media, Fox News is telling us that leaving Syria will open the region to ISIS forces.  Here’s a typical example; we have Senator Marco Rubio busy drumming up terrorist fear-mongering.

You’d think the left would be happy, as they’re supposedly anti-war, but if we check into MSNBC or CNN (or even Shepard Smith at Fox News), they are telling us that this is “exactly what Putin wants,” whatever that means.   Here’s an example, where CNN’s Erin Burnett is off on their Putin, Putin, Putin distraction campaign.  Is there something wrong in the world?  It was Putin!

The corporate media will NEVER want the wars to end.  In their eyes, we must have perpetual wars, forever and ever.   Typically, if you turn on MSNBC, they’re busy telling us that the GOP are a bunch of idiotic, untrustworthy morons.  However, once President Trump went against the GOP establishment, bringing our troops home, all of the sudden MSNBC is lifting up these warmongering conservatives as wise sages of divine counsel.  “How could Trump not listen to his own party!”  You’d think the left would be happy, as they’re supposedly anti-war, but in reality they’re all warmongers, the left and the right, equally.  Listen everyone, you have to realize that both the left and the right in this country are two sides of the same coin.  

The Republican President Bush drug us into most of these wars, and used it all as an excuse to steal away our civil liberties with things like the Patriot Act.  President Obama promised, year after year, that he’d bring the troops home and repeal these infringements on our liberties.  Did he?  No.  Obama knew exactly what to say to the people, but if you closely look at his actions, he escalated these middle eastern wars and ramped up the governmental systems spying on all of us.  If it wasn’t for Edward Snowden, we never would’ve known.  Then we have Hillary Clinton.  She’s always been a warmonger.  Just look what she did to Libya as secretary of state.  She wrecked that place.

Trump always seemed like a total wildcard to me, but I welcome him going rogue and ending all the wars.  This is great.  What if he’s next pushing for universal healthcare?  He campaigned that he would.  Wouldn’t that be something.  I’ll be watching.

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