The Light Realm

This is a near death experience of man who, when he died, reconnected with the deepest aspects of himself.  He entered the true light, the clear light.  He took off every false “garment” and false identity.  When you’re dead (or dying), if you think, ‘I want to return to being who I truly am’, or ‘I wish to be one with God again’ (or God take me to Jesus), or ‘Higher self NOW’, this near-death account will give you a rough idea of what will happen to you.  This account is taken from P.M.H. Atwater’s book ‘The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences’.  

“I will skip the details of the death part, as it is far too embarrassing to admit that I had an accidental overdose.  When I left my body it was similar to the first time, but much scarier.  I thought that I was going crazy, that I must be losing my mind.  I started up the same ‘funnel’ that I saw many years before.  It had a much more intense, fragmented feeling and a certain ‘wrongness’ as my ego disintegrated into Spirit.  I was frightened and totally out of control.  Again I realized that I might as well let go and hang on for the ride, no matter what.  The swirling funnel sucked my Spirit out of this world and my body.  The intense Love and Peace and pleasure began to overcome me and I was no longer Ray.  My ego dissolved, but I had the same sense of humor and the same hangups.  I was once again escorted by a Being of immense Light and Love and Holiness, but this time the Being was taking me on a trip.”

Now this is very difficult to describe.  Time ceased to exist.  Past and future were completely nonexistent.  I was traveling in an intense, burning ‘now.’ ‘Now’ was everything.  I ceased to be a noun (person, place, or thing) and became a verb (an action).  I was Ray-ing instead of Ray.  I was given a huge message.  The Being told me, ‘This is Who You Really Are,’ as the Universe opened up to me.  I could not tell the difference between myself and the infinite galaxies. I became all-powerful and all-knowing — yet I was still Ray.  Then the Being introduced me to another Being of the most Incredible Beauty and Love that anyone could comprehend.  It was a Greater Being of intense Light.  It was God.  The first Being guided me to this Light and let it enfold and swallow me up.  I became one with Love times a million, billion, trillion forever and ever.  We were made of the same stuff!  Every Being that had ever existed in all of Creation was now part of this Greater Whole Being called God.  I was one with all of them, and yet I was still Ray — all powerful, little old me!

‘This is Who You Really Are,’ thundered the Light.  It looked like a galaxy except the points of light were not stars, they were Beings.  Every Being there was singing this incredibly beautiful music and praising God.  After some indefinite length of Now-ness, I was told that I must go back.  I was given another message that was very important.  I was told I may return anytime I wished to.  Coming back to my body felt like I was stuffed into a vessel of pain and exhaustion.”

I believe that religious imagery, such as the teachings of Jesus, are intended to help us humans attune our minds to this place and reconnect with it.  The Christian scriptures say God is light, meaning illumination, all knowing, where nothing is hidden in darkness.  We humans can’t see things when they’re in the dark, but in this place there’s so much light, everything can be seen and known.  In other words,  go back to where you have OM-niscent perception.  Even that word, Om-niscient, contains ‘Om’, the backround vibrational sound/feeling of pure power you have there.   Like take this image of Christ.  They always have the big Light behind his head.  He’s wanting to return you there.

And remember all the imagery of Jesus pointing to his heart chakra, telling you God is love?  This is to reconnect you with this realm, where love is so thick it’s almost palpable.  God is infinite unconditional love.  Christ is very often depicted with open arms, beckoning you to come.  You’re welcome here, you belong here.  Come!  And what about all the sin talk?  What was that all about?  It’s to alleviate you of guilt, and remove the feeling that you need to purify yourself in order to get in.  Jesus was perfect, no fault, and he said he’d take care of it all.  Jesus here is deeply connected to this perfect being dwelling in this place.  This ties into the religious imagery of the cross.  When you enter this place, you will die to self, similar to how Jesus died on the cross.  In other words, your false mind and ego will dissolve.  You have to give that up, but as you read in this account, Ray did give it up.  He felt himself dissolving and said, “I might as well let go”.  He let it happen.  That IS the purification; at that point he was ‘perfect’ again.  All sin (all your internal false guilts, feeling you’re unworthy, etc.) will be forgiven.  Don’t worry about it!  Leave behind your suffering and follow this perfect being to this realm of Light and perfection.   

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