The Power Of Loving Unconditionally

I consider myself lucky to have grown up in a Christian home where the teachings of Christ were hammered into me since I was a child.  The central message of Christ was to love unconditionally and give without any thought of return.  This is a central message found within every spiritual tradition, so when I was reading some texts on Kriya Yoga, I’m not surprised to hear it once again reiterated within their own metaphysical framework.

Today I want to share a passage from a Kriya yogi text called ‘The Laws of Karma: Deeper insight to the esotertic teachings of Kriya Yoga’.  It is about being stronger than all the negativity and suffering of this world.  You love unconditionally not only to benefit those around you, but to also make yourself powerful, strong, and free.

“Allow me to give you a prime example of how to soften your karma:  It’s Friday and you are walking down the street.  You’re feeling great because you just got a $20 raise and you have $20 extra in your pocket.  Ahead, you see a derelict.  You feel that life has been good to you, so you think:  I should give him $10.  As he gets a little closer, you see him wobbling.  You think: I’ll give him $5.  He gets still closer and you notice he is not refined.  You think: I don’t know, maybe I should only give him $3.  Then he’s directly in front of you.  You start to pull out $2 but then you smell liquor on him.  Indignantly, you stuff the $2 back in your pocket, conscientiously reasoning: He’ll just buy booze with it.  So you give him nothing.

What happened?  The man was vibrating negative karma from his Saturn chakra.  He was subconsciously vibrating the idea: I don’t deserve anything.  As he moved closer to you, you felt (subconsciously) his Saturn karma more strongly — his wish not to have anything.  The esoteric truth is:  His Saturn karma was strong than your Jupiter karma (the wish to give).

When this happens, your mind must realize and consciously override the negative Saturn karma.  Give him the $10 as you initially wanted to, before he was close enough to allow his Saturn karma to override your Jupiter karma.  The more he feels he deserves nothing, the more you must override it while in his presence.  Why?  Because if you can overcome his his negative Saturn karma, you will have mastered Saturn karma for yourself.

Later, when your own Saturn karma activates, you will begin to vibrate “undeservingness.”  You can then remember that you are master of Saturn karma and think:  Just a minute, I wish abundance.  I wish to override this constrictive karma.  I won’t let that negative emotion affect me!  Thus, you ascend to a higher level of consciousness that can and does overcome the lower, constrictive karma.

Never allow another person’s constrictive karma to constrict your own mind.  When you override another person’s negative karma, you have learned to override, in yourself, similar negative karma when it arises.” 

When you love someone who feels they are worthless, you yourself will not fall into the mental trap they are in.  You’ve learned how to love that which is ‘worthless’, so you can love yourself when you are ‘worthless’.  When feelings of worthlessness come to you, they will not be able to touch you.  If you can love others who are failing, you will be able to love and accept yourself when you yourself fail. 

What tortures most of us is our own minds.  The more you can wish well and do good to, for lack of a better word, the unloveable, the stronger and more mentally free you will become.  Live without judgement.  The Christian saint, as well as the Kriya yogi, strengthen themselves with every encounter with a troubled soul, seeing it as an opportunity to love, as well as self-examine themselves, purging their own minds of the negativity they encounter.  This very dynamic is also why those who do not love themselves are often so nasty to those around them.  Do you see how this works? 

The world lives on a shaky foundation.  When circumstances around the common person are unfavorable, they themselves become nasty as well.  But not you.  You must draw strength from the Holy Spirit, with its divine Om energy, and be rooted on the same rock Christ stood upon.  Your ethical integrity, kindness, and goodness are not to be corrupted.  The chaotic storms of this world blow and everyone around you falters, but you stand firm, eternally beautiful.  God is love, is divine light, and you too are love, and let the divine light emanate from the core of your being.  Nothing else is real.  In other words, nothing else is worth experiencing so purge yourself of all foolishness and madness.

This is why Kriya yogis sit in deep meditation, chanting, over and over, ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’.  It means “God, infinite love, the only Supreme Absolute Truth, all that is, you are good.” 

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