A Summary Of Strange Research

Today I’d like share a short summary of all the strange research I’ve been conducting on my own over the past few years, particularly pertaining to consciousness.  This is basically a quick list of all the things I’ve found which cannot be well explained by physics, neuroscience, or any mainstream science for that matter.  These are in no particular order.

  1. Reconnecting to God / The Infinite / The Light Realm Through Powerful Hallucingens, particularly DMT, Ayahuasca, etc.

DMT is a naturally occurring neural transmitter which can be found within all of our brains.  Though it’s labeled as a “drug”, it’s not harmful in any way.  It’s not addictive, nor does it get you emotionally high.  However, it does have profound psychological effects.  In particular, if you artificially synthesize it and inject yourself with it, or smoke it, at high doses you will be blasted out of your body.  In the video below, you’ll hear accounts of people on high doses of DMT, all of them sharing how they reconnected with the same “light realm” I’ve been talking about in recent posts.  They describe each layer of their humanity being pulled off, one by one, until they no longer are human and become pure spirit, at one with God; all time and space dissolve, they become the infinite, all knowing, and are all powerful.  Notice the description of the “vibration”, like they’re entering a higher frequency.  They hear the “Aum” vibration sound, louder and louder, until that energy becomes all powerful and all-encompassing.  They describe this life as being a sort of dream, or even a dream within a dream, and this is them returning “home”, exactly as in near death experiences.

As I go through more of these areas of research, I’ve come to the conclusion that the brain is filtering out higher aspects of our mind and consciousness.  When brain activity gets disrupted either from drugs or trauma, conscious experience EXPANDS, it does not diminish.

2.  Near Death Experiencers Leaving Body And Returning To God

These are accounts of people who came awfully close to death but are saved at the last minute in the hospital, etc.  They die in car accidents, surgeries, or other traumatic events.  Here is an account of a man who is out at recess with another kid at school.  His friend has been practicing martial arts and wants to show him a throw.  The friend picks him up and throws him down straight on his head on the asphalt.  You’d think he’d simply be unconscious, but that’s not what happens.  This man’s brain seems unable to “trap” him within his body anymore, he pops out, becomes some sort of spherical, full 360 degree awareness, looking down on the scene from above, and shortly thereafter is escorted back to the light realm, where powerful spiritual entities take him to the source of all existence.

Here he’s told he’s actually an all-powerful child of God who has temporarily taken on a limited existence simply to entertain himself.  In reality, he’s not a human.  He’s never been separated from the infinite (God), but it’s been within him the whole time, temporarily blocked from his conscious perception because he chose to hide it all from himself.  It’s all a big game him and others are playing, just to have an experience.  These spiritual entities then tell him that love is the most important thing, and to never forget that; he’s then sent back to Earth to finish the experience he wanted to have.

3.  Yogis Reconnecting To God In Deep Meditation

According to meditation masters, the deeper one dives into meditation, the illusory consciousness the brain produces can be pulled back, layer by layer, not unlike what happens in the DMT trip.  The main difference is that in meditation, this is a controlled peeling off of illusions.  In fact, the great yogis seem to be attempting to get back to the light realm, to become one with God.  Some apparently do get there, and when they do, they sit in one place for days at a time, not moving at all, sitting there in perfect peace.

Masters such as Paramhansa Yogananda taught that we are living a dream within a dream, but when we go back “into the light”, beyond both dreams, we return to the light realm, or as all these people have been referring, “home, back with the Father”.   This current life we’re living is the deepest level dream, not unlike that movie Inception.  Once you wake up from the current dream, you “wake up” to yet another dream, which we often hear about as the “spirit” realm, or in other circles as the “astral” realm.  When one practices Kriya Yoga, as meditation is mastered, the first enhancement of perception is the opening of what is called the “third eye”, which allows perception of this astral realm and entities which live there.  You can induce yourself into “out of body” experiences, become that spherical 360 degree awareness (exactly the same as near death experiences when they ‘die’), fly around, and explore the astral.  According to the yogis, there are both higher and lower planes to the astral realm.  Each state of consciousness has a frequency, a vibrational state (which lines up with all physics I’ve studied. Everything is vibration).  The lower planes contain bad actors, who we might refer to as demons.  They’re bad news and are even trying to climb up into this realm when they can.  The higher planes contain enlightened beings, which some religions refer to as angels, or devas.

4. Scientifically Induced Out Of Body Experiences

While a kriya yogi can induce an “out of body” through concentration within, it’s also possible to induce these same experiences, jumping out of body, by scientific means.  For example, if you put yourself in a sensory deprivation chamber and listen to certain types of audio, particularly binaural beats, you can leave the body in that way.  The deprivation chamber helps one forget about their body and the senses (EXACTLY what the yogis do in meditation, go figure!), and focusing all conscious attention on that binaural beat, waving back and forth, does something strange to a person’s brain waves.  It somehow aligns the two hemispheres of one’s brain and then the person just “pops” out of their body.  You can then fully explore the astral/spirit plane at your leisure, and come back to your body, simply by willing to do so (read about the ‘silver cord’).  You can learn about all this by reading the books of Robert Monroe.

He was a wealthy businessman who worked in radio.  Someone asked him to develop sound clips that would help people fall asleep.  When researching this, he came across these binaural beats, and while undergoing the research on himself, found himself popping in and out of body.  Thinking he was going crazy, he wanted to bring in some experts.  Being wealthy, he eventually hired a team of scientists (one a former NASA physicist) to help him with the research.  Before long, the scientists were also popping out of body and were exploring the spirit realms along with him.  You can read about all of this in Robert Monroe’s trilogy of books.

I read all three of these books and was not able to put them down.  The NASA scientist who was hired on is named Tom Campbell, and he wrote about all of this as well in his book ‘My Big Theory of Everything (TOE)’.  The book contains not only his personal accounts of what happened, but also his theory about what this reality is, trying to tie his experiences with quantum theory, general relativity, etc., along with simulation theory.

5.  Hypnotic Regression

It seems that if you’re able to overcome the illusory consciousness produced by the brain (and there’s more than one way to do this), and get beyond its filters, you gain access to higher states of consciousness.  This is what the true nature of the “subconscious” is.  Carl Jung became obsessed with this toward the later half of his life, and even wrote on Kundalini Yoga in particular (Kriya Yoga being a form of Kundalini).

This goes far beyond just unconscious brain signals.  If you have an expert get you into a deep hypnotic state, really deep, you’ll have access to this subconscious, where the eternal mysteries of life seem to be hidden.  Recent posts of mine have been talking about this, referencing books written by highly decorated Ivy League psychologists such as Brian Weiss.  Here’s the thing.  If you’re really this eternal spirit from the light realm, like all these different things are pointing to, what in the world were you doing before this Earth life?  How many “dream” lives have you had?  Has this been going on for eternity?  This information is accessible in two ways (that I know of at least).  For one, you can have a trained expert hypnotize you and lead you through these memories by proper questioning.  Get deep enough in the hypnosis and you can relive all the events.  From that point on, those memories will be conscious to you, even when you “wake up” from the hypnotism.  You’ll remember these past lives.  Another more vivid way to experience this recall is to do Kriya Yoga, induce the out of body state, enter the spirit plane, and then simply request this information from your “higher self”, your spirit, your true Self, which has remained with God within the light realm.  All will then be shown to you.  You will “fly through” your lives, controlling the playback by thought alone, moving to any point in any life you’ve ever lived, no matter how far back.  “What was I in my past life?”  You’ll “become” yourself, as you were then, or you can step out above it and view it all from that spherical 360 degree view.  You can jump to any time, any moment, by thought-request.

I feel like I’m forgetting something, but this will have to do for now.

You Can Do It!

As everyone knows, New Years is right around the corner and that means everyone is making their resolutions.  A lot of people are hoping to lose weight and keep it off.  I want to tell you that you can do it!

I do cardio almost everyday on the elliptical, sometimes the treadmill, and it gets really boring so I got a large tablet and watch shows on Hulu and Netflix while I do it.  My new favorite show is My 600 Pound Life.  I guess I like it because I got into fitness and weight lifting a few years ago, and when people want to transform their bodies I get excited.  I just want to run around the gym and tell people, “You’re going to do it this year, brother!” – like Hulk Hogan-

You know, a lot of people think they’re going to lose their weight by hitting the weights and running on the treadmill.  You’re very very wrong.  I would say 90% of the journey is what you eat.  If your only goal is to lose weight and keep it off, food is your enemy.  Sure, exercise can speed up the process, but only a little bit.  It’s almost all going to come down to your diet.

So how much weight could one lose if they simply changed what they eat?  Well, watch My 600 Lb Life and think about what you’re watching.  You’ll witness people who are bed-ridden, 700+ lbs, barely able to move, slim down into the 200’s, all in one year’s time.  Outside of some walking, most of them do very little exercise.  They lose 400~500 lbs in a year’s time and their lives are transformed.  But how?  Food.  That’s it.  Food.  They’re changing both what they eat and how much they eat.  They go from eating fast-food to eating low-carb, lean-protein.  They also eat much much less.  That’s the key to weight loss.

I do a lot of power-lifting, so sometimes I’ll “bulk” over the course of a year, putting on at times 20 extra lbs or so.  Family members of mine are amazed when summer will roll around and I lose all that weight in say six to eight weeks time.  Many people have been struggling for so long they think it’s impossible.  It’s not.

You want to get away from carbs and instead eat lean protein.  Then you want to be very careful how much you’re eating.  I can recommend the most strict diet I can think of which will really shed the pounds.  Go to the store and buy a few tubs of protein powder along with some skim milk and a shaker.   Drink one protein shake (two scoops) in the morning and one protein shake in the afternoon.  Eat nothing else.  That’ll be like 800 calories or something like that per day, mostly lean protein, but a few carbs too.  The weight will drop off of you so fast.

On the show, that’s essentially the diet Dr. Now gets his obese patients to do.  He also gives them that bypass surgery, but the only purpose of that is to keep them from eating such large portions.  It’s all about food.  He’s always trying to get them eating grilled chicken, vegetables, lentils, and other healthy things after that.  It’s crazy, but the weight flies off these people.  They lose 50~60 lbs a month.  I’m assuming most of you are not that big, but even someone at a normal weight (I was 195 lbs at the start of last summer), I lost 40 lbs in two months doing this.  You’ll take off 4~5 lbs a week.  I went from having a slight double-chin and power-belly to six-pack abs and totally ripped.  I watch people on that show do it, I do it, and I know it can be done.  I actually cut too much.  40 lbs was too much and I regretted it.  My weight loss was so fast that I lost a lot of the muscle mass I had worked so hard to put on.  For most people however, losing 10% of their muscle mass is nothing if they could drop all the fat off their body.  For me, I’m like, agh, my max bench-press went down!  -shakes fist-

You have to live in a state of hunger.  You have to feel that burning feeling.  That’s what you want.  It’s pretty miserable, but just do it.  Stick with it.  When you feel that burning feeling, that’s when you’re losing weight.

I have all kinds of pro-tips from years in the gym and working to transform my body.  First off, don’t go solely off your weight.  Buy a measuring tape and measure different parts of your body, and see if you’re shrinking in the areas you want to shrink.  For us guys, it’s probably the mid-section.  Measure it everyday.  That’s more reliable than your weight, though if you keep your diet you will (on average) drop several pounds a week.

If you’re really serious, eat the same thing every single day.  This might be grilled chicken and brown rice, protein shakes, etc.  Eat the same few things and portion it all out in advance.  This makes it all easier to track properly.  Cook up a week’s worth of grilled chicken and brown rice, and put a week’s worth of it tupperware containers in your fridge.  Have a set time when you eat, and don’t eat until then.  If you get really hungry, well, burn baby burn!  Measure the rice and amount of chicken in each meal, and put it all into an app like My Fitness Pal.  Keep track of exactly the number of calories you’re getting, number of carbs, amount of fat, grams of protein, etc.  Get like 1 gram of protein for every lb you weigh, and then keep dropping your carbs (possible down to zero carbs (no brown rice)) until you lose 4~5 lbs a week, every week.

You say, “I don’t want to do that.”  Well, I’m just sharing one incredible way to get it done.  If you also hit up the cardio and lift weights, well now we’re talking!  But even if you just sit around gaming all day, you’ll still drop all the weight if you eat like this.  That’s all it is.  Eating.  Your food.

In our society everything is super-sized, fried, greasy, loaded with sugar.  This is the main strip where I live, in Rolla, Missouri, USA.

You might not see it all that well, but there’s Dairy Queen, Hardees, and Taco Bell.  You go a little ways down the road, there’s McDonalds, Arbys, Long John Silvers, and all that garbage that you must leave behind.  It’s lunch-time and you’re hungry at work; the thought arises, “I think I’ll go out to eat!”  NO!  Never!  Not there!  No cheating, ever.  That food is garbage.  Garbage!  Never again.  “I have to enjoy myself sometimes.”  No.  That’s not real joy.  It’s killing you.

I’d see people on My 600 Lb Life, saying things like that, pulling into the fast-food drive-through.  I have to cheat sometimes, it’s the only joy I get!  Otherwise I won’t be able to stay on my diet at all!  Then they step on the scale and get so angry.  “How could I not lose any weight?  I’ve been so good.”  Here’s the thing guys.  You have no idea how many calories are in that junk.  It’s insane.  You can eat good all week long and completely negate your weight loss with one single trip to McDonalds.

Those candy bars you’re snacking on, the ice cream, the soda, the beer, it all has to go.  You can be super-strict with your diet in your big meals, thinking you’re doing good, and then sabotage EVERYTHING with just snacks and nibbling.  There’s too much calories in that stuff.  You don’t think you’re eating much, but you are.  Like I said before, put all this stuff in the My Fitness Pal app.  See how much you’re consuming calorie wise.  Then go to a site like this, enter your age, weight, etc., and look at how many calories your body will burn on its own.  If you go above that number, like clockwork, you WILL gain weight.  I can pretty much guarantee you.  And if you consistently go below that number, you WILL lose weight, especially if you’re way under it.  I’ve found those calculators to be very accurate.

For me it’s 2600 calories a day.  That’s my break even number.  There’s roughly 3500 calories in a lb of fat.  So here’s the deal.  If I simply drink a protein shake in the morning (400 calories) then one in the afternoon (another 400 calories), and the only other thing I put in my body is water, guess how much weight I will lose?  I consumed +800 calories, and my body burned 2600 calories on its own (-2600), so that’s a -1800 calorie deficit.  Every two days I’m on that diet, I will lose a lb of fat.  Like clockwork.  I’m telling you, I’ve done this, again and again.  So that’s ~3 lbs a week.  Combine this with some work on the elliptical machine, and lo and behold, you’ve found my magic method for losing 4~5 lbs a week.  You see, I burn about 600 calories an hour on the elliptical each day, times six days a week, that’s 3600 extra calories burned, or an extra lb of weight loss.  But notice, even with an hour a day of cardio, which is rough for most people, 3/4 of the weight loss was happening simply by food intake!  Food!  It’s wwwwaaaayyyyyyy easier to limit your food intake than to burn those calories off in exercise.

Many people like to blame their metabolism and feel that now that they’re older, it’s all a hopeless cause.  When I change my age from 25 to 35 in that calculator, my daily maintain weight calories changes from like 2670 to 2588.  There’s only a 50~100 calorie a day difference (remember these are all estimates).  That’s only a ~4% difference.  Sure, the body slows down, but it isn’t as bad as most people make it out to be.

But, maybe you’re eating exactly what you always did when you were slim.  I suppose 100 calories a day is significant.  That means every 36 days, if you’re consuming, on average, the same calories you were before which maintained your weight at 25, you’ll now instead gain a pound each month.  So over the course of several years, that can add up to 20-30 lbs of weight gain as you get older.  That’s how it happens for normal people.  It’s 100 calories a day, over years and years, that slowly becomes a big problem.  “I used to eat this and it didn’t bother me.”  Eventually as you gain weight, your body burns more calories just because you’re now 40 pounds heavier, so that’s why many people lock in at some weight.  They’d be slim at 130 lbs, but due to all this, their eating sort of balances out at 170 lbs, or 180 lbs, or whatever.

It’s amazing, but just snacking on a tiny candy-bar (or something equivalent) once a day, over the course of several years can lead to 30-50 lbs pounds of excess weight for me!  Just a single can of soda is 140 calories, easily enough to make me fat.  Think about just what a can of soda does to you over time.  That’s all it takes.  That’s how sensitive all this is.  Do the math, think about it.  For you ladies, it takes even less.  I’m 175 lbs, pumping iron in the gym, doing all kinds of cardio, and a single can of soda can do me in.  Think about what a bowl of ice-cream can do to you?  Or trips to Hardees, or big plates of fried chicken?  Put it in My Fitness Pal.  Do some math.  For me personally, it’s easier to eat clean and not gain the weight to begin with, unless I’m ‘bulking’ to put on muscle mass.  I’ve found it near impossible to lean bulk, at least at my current size.

I didn’t write this to disparage anyone.  I hope it reminds people that permanent weight loss is possible if you watch what you eat.  Your sole obstacle will be food.  It’s going to be even harder if your family isn’t supporting your efforts.  When they’re eating fast food, pizza, and guzzling sodas, it’ll be tough to stick with your diet.  It’s best if you get all the chips, sugary things, high calorie drinks, and all the rest of it totally out of the house.  Open the fridge and none of it is there.  Ever.  Open the cabinets, none of it is there.  Eat your brown rice and chicken, and drink protein shakes.  Keep those calories down.  Lean protein, low carbs.   If you’re a normal person, keep a strict diet for maybe two or three months, and you can lose all the weight, even if you’re 40-50 lbs overweight.  And more importantly once you lose it, you can’t revert back to the old habits.  The weight will come right back.  Like I said, this is like a math equation.  You can calculate it all and predict exactly what will happen.

Good luck!

We’re Leaving Syria And Maybe Afghanistan Too!

I am not normally happy reading the news, but when I heard President Trump’s announcement to bring our troops home from Syria, I was elated.  I want us out of the middle east.  The President also announced talks to withdraw from Afghanistan!  Wow!  This is a dream come true for me.  But, surprise surprise, the mainstream media won’t have it, either on the left or the right. 

If we look to the conservative media, Fox News is telling us that leaving Syria will open the region to ISIS forces.  Here’s a typical example; we have Senator Marco Rubio busy drumming up terrorist fear-mongering.

You’d think the left would be happy, as they’re supposedly anti-war, but if we check into MSNBC or CNN (or even Shepard Smith at Fox News), they are telling us that this is “exactly what Putin wants,” whatever that means.   Here’s an example, where CNN’s Erin Burnett is off on their Putin, Putin, Putin distraction campaign.  Is there something wrong in the world?  It was Putin!

The corporate media will NEVER want the wars to end.  In their eyes, we must have perpetual wars, forever and ever.   Typically, if you turn on MSNBC, they’re busy telling us that the GOP are a bunch of idiotic, untrustworthy morons.  However, once President Trump went against the GOP establishment, bringing our troops home, all of the sudden MSNBC is lifting up these warmongering conservatives as wise sages of divine counsel.  “How could Trump not listen to his own party!”  You’d think the left would be happy, as they’re supposedly anti-war, but in reality they’re all warmongers, the left and the right, equally.  Listen everyone, you have to realize that both the left and the right in this country are two sides of the same coin.  

The Republican President Bush drug us into most of these wars, and used it all as an excuse to steal away our civil liberties with things like the Patriot Act.  President Obama promised, year after year, that he’d bring the troops home and repeal these infringements on our liberties.  Did he?  No.  Obama knew exactly what to say to the people, but if you closely look at his actions, he escalated these middle eastern wars and ramped up the governmental systems spying on all of us.  If it wasn’t for Edward Snowden, we never would’ve known.  Then we have Hillary Clinton.  She’s always been a warmonger.  Just look what she did to Libya as secretary of state.  She wrecked that place.

Trump always seemed like a total wildcard to me, but I welcome him going rogue and ending all the wars.  This is great.  What if he’s next pushing for universal healthcare?  He campaigned that he would.  Wouldn’t that be something.  I’ll be watching.

Invisible People

Today I’ve been watching videos and documentaries on the homelessness crisis here in the United States, particularly within Los Angeles.   It’s heartbreaking.  We have people working full time jobs, even pooling together resources with other friends and family, and they’re still not able to afford a roof over their heads and other basic necessities.

If you look at this video, particularly at 23:34, we meet a group of young people, working full-time minimum wage jobs, living in a tent on a sidewalk.  They can’t afford anything better, even working 40 hours a week.  They say they’re living a “dying dream”, and they’re right.  The person asks, “What am I supposed to do?”  I don’t know.  Nobody knows.  The system is broken.

The homeless are often mischaracterized as drug addicts, missing their teeth, babbling incoherently about the end of the world, dirty, holding some sign asking for money.  That’s not to say that doesn’t happen, but it’s far from how it is.  It’ll blow your mind to see that many of these are normal people, who you’d never guess are living under such miserable conditions.  One UCLA PhD candidate in mechanical engineering is living out of his car and showering in the park.  He tells you that between tuition, food costs, and other expenses, he just can’t afford to have a place.  At another point you meet a young college graduate who is living out of his tiny RV, with three other guys, which they park at the side of the road.  Completely normal looking guy, articulate, everything.  They’re all trying to save money, working crappy jobs, saving as much as they can, hoping to pay off their huge student loans and pay for a home of their own.  This is the only way they can save money or get ahead.

I feel for these college students.  I’m around them all the time.  I remember meeting a nuclear engineer who was $150,000 in debt and told me going to university was the worst mistake he ever made.  He was in a hole so deep, he felt he could never escape.  My cousin spent $200,000 earning his PhD in political science from Oxford, and also told me that it was the worst decision he ever made.  Him and his wife had to move home with his stepparents, where they were living for years, unable to climb out of that hole.  His mother then stepped in and had to bail them out.  They never would have gotten out on their own.  His wife had a similar huge college bill, and working crap jobs, even while living with their parents, there just wasn’t enough money to take care of it.  There was no future. 

I meet students all the time who live off of cheap ramen and mac & cheese.  Many live in small apartments with several other students, all sheltering the bills together.  Tuitition costs are ridiculous and it’s coming to a breaking point where many are questioning whether higher education is even worth it.  Universities keep throwing up big buildings, paying huge salaries to a bloated administration, states are cutting funding, and what not, and tuition costs just keep climbing way faster than inflation.  People have to borrow more and more against their future just to get an education, and now to make it worth it, many are living in their cars just so they don’t have to borrow so much money to attend school; it just takes so long to earn your degree.  It drags on and on.  To earn my graduate degrees in physics, I was there for almost a decade, and I’d argue over half (or more) of that time was spent in courses which were of no value to me whatsoever.  Most of the time I learned very little.  To me, I was just going through a long formality and I could’ve easily taught myself all that I “learned” in class.  Not to be mean, but all the material is also online, often by better, more passionate instructors.  You’re paying massive money just for a piece of paper which allows you employment opportunities, or so you hope.  Also, the entire time you’re in school, you’re incurring massive expenses and not making any money.  As the PhD student living in his car pointed out, when he calculated his expenses and bills, it became a rational decision to be homeless.  

At another point in the documentary, you see some convicted felons getting out of jail.  They were busted on drug charges.  You ask them what they’re going to do and they have no idea.  Nobody will hire them being ex-felons with drug charges.  Nobody will rent them an apartment.  And it’s not like crappy minimum wage jobs are going to offer them any future anyway; just look at the others living in tents on the sidewalk.  So what now?  As if years in jail wasn’t enough, now they’re let out, and it’s like, what now?  There is no future.  They go back to prostitution, dealing drugs, gang affiliations, etc.  What else do you expect them to do?  There’s nothing else!  When we let these people out of jail, we don’t even give them bus money to get somewhere.  One guy was like, well, I guess I’ll hop on the back of some train and see where it takes me.  Geez.

These are our society’s invisible people.  They fall through the cracks.  

Bombshell! The Walls Are Closing In! Or Not…

Ever flip on the news and watch them repeat some narrative over and over and over, hoping that it eventually sticks?  Take a look at this video.

Bombshell, bombshell, bombshell.  We’re at a turning point.  We’re at a turning point.  The walls are closing in!  The walls are closing in!  It’s the beginning of the end.  It’s the beginning of the end.  We’re at a tipping point.  We’re at a tipping point. 

Mark it down everyone!  This is it!  – a year later –  Yeah, I’ve marked it down and I have more faith in that its-the-end-of-Trump astrologer standing under the darkened eclipse, than I do any of you.   For years, these news networks just keep repeating the same talking points, like they were dictated on high from somewhere, and all these newscasters from both the left and the right go around broadcasting it.  Nobody seems to hold them accountable. 

I’m not a right-winger and I’m not a left-winger.  This post is just me holding up absurdity and hoping you’ll realize that the mainstream news makes stuff up, all the time, just to rile us up.  

As for the whole RussiaGate, Putin hijacked our election stuff, when all was said and done, when all the smoke cleared and the evidence was examined, what did we find?  Basically nothing.  In a big recent Congressional hearing, Google’s CEO was placed on the stand and we find out that Russia spent a whopping $4700 during the election!  And the ads they ran?  Some were pro-Trump, others pro-Hillary, and others neither.  They were simply running some test click-bait campaigns and gathering some names and emails.  Pretty amazing, for the price of a crappy used car, you can apparently hijack the most powerful nation on Earth… Or not, and this was all completely made up, like most things.

As Jimmy Dore points out in the video above, the left could be talking about getting us all universal healthcare, increasing wages, reforming Wall Street, ending the wars, investing in infrastructure, and other important issues, but do they?  Nah, that would actually challenge the power structure and change people’s lives.  Just focus all your attention and energy on these fake conspiracy theories instead!  Distraction, distraction, distraction!   The walls are closing in!