CNN’s Ready To Serve

Back in the early 90’s, television networks would broadcast their programs across a network of space satellites, all of which could be picked up if you had your own large satellite dish in the backyard.  This also applied to news networks.  You could watch broadcasters putting on their makeup, people stepping onto the set to move things around, directors stepping in telling newscasters what to say, etc.  It’s pretty fascinating stuff.  You can find a lot of it online.

Take this clip of CNN’s Larry King with then presidential hopeful Bill Clinton in the early 90’s.  Watch starting at time 15:12.

During a commercial break, the following conversation takes place.

Larry King:  “It’s crazy, Ted Turner changed the world.  He’s a big fan of yours.”
Bill Clinton:  “Is he…”
Larry King: “He would -ah- serve you, you know what I mean?”
Bill Clinton: “You’re kidding.”
Larry King: “Oh you’d be surprised. He’s ready. What’s he got left in life to gain?  I’d call him after you’re elected.  Think about it.  No dope.”
Bill Clinton:  “That’s for sure.”
Larry King:  “Great guy to work for too.”

Isn’t the phrasing so interesting?  Ted Turner and our news network will “serve” you.  As anyone who lived through the 90’s knows, CNN was so biased toward the Clintons that it became known as the (C)linton (N)ews (N)etwork.  I guess Bill made that phone call.

But what about the free and independent press?  Yeah… right.

I don’t even pay attention to it anymore.  They oftentimes have the news playing on one of the TVs at the gym.  I glance up at it from time to time and this is all I see.

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