Ravings On The Media Circus

In the media, we often see feminists promoting an idea that we need to always believe women when it comes to cases of sexual assault and rape allegations.  Should we?  If all you have to go by is “he said, she said” sort of evidence, any leaning toward the man or the woman is personal bias and prejudice, and trying to criminally prosecute based on flimsy accusations leads to social media circus trials, character assassinations, and ridiculous theater.  In all criminal accusations, a person is innocent until proven guilty. We can’t have it any other way.

Do women lie?  Of course they do, all the time, just like men.  And sadly, because we often have no way of proving the matter one way or the other,  both men and women take advantage of the situation.  Some men rape women and tell the poor woman, “Who will believe you?”  I think it happens a lot.  At the same time, we have women who will lie and use false rape allegations for their own reasons, possibly hoping to ruin some man’s life in an act of revenge, etc.  Also, today we have feminists with an active agenda to dismantle what they believe is the male patriarchy, and are attempting the leverage these situations to gain social and political power.  They are working hard to build a society that always takes the side of the woman. Take a look at this New York Times article.  You’ll hear about a feminist who doesn’t care if innocent men go down in this process.  She says “it’s their turn for some sleepless nights.”  They justify this by saying that it’s women more often than men that are the ones exploited in these rape situations, so justice is better served overall if we just believe the women.

This mindset led to the recent media circus with Judge Kavanaugh.  During his Supreme Court appointment, a woman comes out of nowhere, claiming she was groped in a bedroom 30-40 years ago at some high school party when she was 15 and he was 17.  According to her, he pushed her on the bed, groped her, and was trying to take off her clothes.  She tried to scream but he covered her mouth.  Lucky for her, his buddy jumped on the bed too in all the excitement, propelled them all on the floor, and she took off running.  There’s obviously no substantial evidence.  How could there be?  There’s obviously a huge political component, but the moral component has everyone wondering to themselves, maybe it’s true?  Hysteria ensues, the left believing the woman without question, and the right yelling out, “what a farce.”  Who should we believe?  Who is more believable?

This is the central problem.  Things get crazy when we have to resort to who is more believable.  When all this began to go down, we first had a giant group of conservative women who have worked with Kavanaugh, signing a petition saying, “We’ve known Kavanaugh for years, he’s an honorable man.  Don’t believe these lying women and their leftist agenda!”  Then the left has their group of women who do the same.  All those who went to that university and high school see it as an opportunity to further their politics, and so they all sign a petition, “Oh yeah, Kavanaugh?  We all heard stories about the nasty things he did!”

I would love to have a time machine and go back before this media circus trial started and ask these people about Brett Kavanaugh.  I wonder if they’d even remember him?  Maybe they would?  -shrugs-  But according to them now, oh, he was a menace to women everywhere, a slimy, dirty young man!  We flip on the news to hear the theater discussions about how this woman had mentioned this teenage groping to her therapist and also her husband a few years ago, and how her fears led them to doubly reinforce their front door.  This is presented as “evidence” for why this man shouldn’t be appointed to the Supreme Court.  She claims her friends knew about this traumatic teenage groping, but when FBI investigators checked into the matter, none of her friends remember this happening, and they were there at the party, supposedly.  Keyword is supposedly.  They don’t even remember Brett or the party, it’s been so long ago.  A few other women came forward saying he did similar things to them in college back in the day.  All these women tell the FBI to just go and ask their friends.  They do so and none of their best friends can even collaborate the stories.  Not a single one of them is like, “Oh yeah, I remember it like it was yesterday.  She came into my dorm room, crying.  Told me this guy did these terrible things to her.”  They’ll say they believe their friends, but none of them remember it happening.

What truly happened?  Who knows.

Thankfully, sometimes there is evidence.  And do women lie?  Yep!  Take this video.  At the University of Southern California, a young woman accuses a young man of rape.  He says, “No, I did not rape her.  It was consensual.”  Who should we believe?  Should we just throw the young man in prison, believing the woman’s word without even looking into the matter?  Should we kick him out of school, ruining his life and career plans?  Should he immediately be fired from his job?

If we’d done that, we never would have found out that this young woman was lying.  Security footage from the bar shows this woman was all over the young man.  As the young people like to say, she’s thirsty.  Later on, she wants to get out of there, leads him out to the street, hand in hand, where outdoor security footage shows this woman and her roommate teasing this man sexually, talking about all the things they’re about to do to him.  It’s obvious that they’re the ones pushing for this to happen.  Following this further, they all end up at the women’s apartment where further footage shows the women excitedly letting the man up to their room.

Who knows why this woman later wanted to press rape charges.  But I ask you ladies and gentlemen, don’t you think this woman was shedding all kinds of crocodile tears as she went around telling police and authorities that she was raped?  Don’t you think she told quite a tale, and painted this man out to be a nasty predator? If she’s a feminist, she probably had the whole act down, knowing all the right words to say.  I don’t know if this happened or not, but I can imagine the feminists marching around with their “Believe Women” signs.  But lo and behold, she was full of it!  The surveillance footage tells another story.  Who would’ve thought!  After examining this evidence, the judge dropped the charges.

Like a lot of people, I wonder how many men’s lives have been ruined because of lies like this?  Sorry ladies, but I’m not just going to just take you at your word.  I’m not going to take the alleged male rapist’s word either.  I’ll have to examine the evidence, and if there is none, it’s all “he said, she said” to me.  I have no idea what happened and in my mind, you’re innocent until proven guilty.  The same applies to Kavanaugh and Ford.  I’m happy he received his appointment, regardless of what I think of his politics.  I don’t want this to become a precedent.  Any time we disagree with someone politically, can you imagine if both sides are busy digging up ancient unsubstantiated events from 30-40 years ago, claiming this or that happened, and we have media circus after media circus, derailing whatever it is we are trying to accomplish?  Both the left and the right will be using this tactic, and our entire political process will break down into a big joke.

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