An Aum Dream

Last night, I was sitting at my bedside chanting “Aum”, over and over, meditating, and fell asleep.  My mind entered something akin to a dream, where I was at peace with God in a vast, empty space.  In this space all of God’s powers were my own though nothing in particular was happening.  Then a soul, asleep on Earth, flew out of his body and entered my space.  His thoughts began manifesting and I allowed it.

He was sitting on cold concrete courthouse steps, holding (what I believe to be) divorce papers.  He was totally out of it, staring out onto the parking lot.  I was filled with compassion for this man and I began to take over his dream.   As an invisible background narrator, I bellowed out in a deep voice, “And lo, the man decided to reclaim the woman he’d lost, and nothing in the world could stop him!”  I manifested a powerful motorcycle, pushed him up onto his feet and onto this bike, and then floored the accelerator.  The man went off popping a wheelie, squealing tires, leaving behind a large cloud of smoke.  He zoomed off down the street at terrifying speeds.

All the forces of this Earth tried to stop him, but were unable to.  The police showed up, but he easily blazed by every road-block and outwitted them.  The military and swat teams got involved, but they too were unable to stop this man.  Hoping I’d cheered him up a little, I gave him control of the “dream” again.

Shortly thereafter he took up arms and manifested members of his family.  They may have been his ex’s family, I don’t know.  He began killing them mercilessly.  I watched on with sympathy and compassion, but felt it needed to end.  I then manifested my body, took his hand, and pushed the gun down, but he took no notice of me.  I took over the “dream”, I raised the illusory family members back to their feet, unharmed, and I hugged the man, saying, “Ok, that’s enough.”

Then I woke up.

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