The Gnostic Journey Into The Clear Light

This post is supplementary to the post I made a few days ago.  You might be interested to hear that within the Gnostic texts, the Apostle Paul wrote a guide to crossing the spiritual planes at death, and how to deal with the deceptive beings you may encounter.  It has parallels with the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which I find really interesting.  He stresses to avoid taking on another physical reincarnation and to keep pressing toward the clear light, seeking reunion with the infinite.  These early Christian scriptures never found their way into the everyday canon Bible, but thankfully a stray copy survived in a clay jar deep within a cave, only discovered within the last hundred or so years.

There are many texts in the Nag Hammadi library addressing what happens when we die and what you should expect to experience when passing through the spirit world. These texts were written by the Apostle Paul, Jesus’ disciples, and others.  What fascinates me is that here we have Christian saints saying the same sorts of things as Buddhist monks, Hindu Yogi masters, occult literature, or even mystery schools, such as the Masonic literature, Kabbalah, and others.  Gnostic scriptures teach that when you die your spirit will be released from your body.  At this point, if you wish to relieve yourself of suffering and stop the cycle of physical rebirth, you are to return to the Divine Father who exists within the clear infinite light.  The central message isn’t much different from say what you’d read about from Buddhist monks in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

O nobly-born (so and so by name), the time hath now come for thee to seek the Path [in reality]. Thy breathing is about to cease. Thy guru hath set thee face to face before with the Clear Light; and now thou art about to experience it in its Reality in the Bardo state, wherein all things are like the void and cloudless sky, and the naked, spotless intellect is like unto a transparent vacuum without circumference or centre. At this moment, know thou thyself; and abide in that state. I, too, at this time, am setting thee face to face.

– Tibetan Book Of The Dead

These formerly lost texts teach that the body and brain are filters and your goal is to remove these filters, as much as possible, even while you’re alive.  These filters are the “fall” you so often hear about.  At death, these filters are down, or at least far more “down” than they are now, depending on what you choose to do.  So what are you going to perceive once all filters are removed?  Yourself.  Your REAL identity.  Books such as the Bible and others teach that we were made in the image of God.  So that’s what the clear light is; it’s the emanations and central power coming from the God-like being that you/we actually are, deep down in our core being.  When you die and the filters come down, your core essence will reveal itself to you and it’s intense.  It appears as this infinite power and it will begin flooding into your consciousness.  Now if you don’t know what this is, and don’t recognize it as yourself, you’re going to turn away from it within your mind and run away, so to speak.  You’ll think, “Oh no, there’s the clear light!  It’s so bright!  It’s scary!  I don’t want to die, I don’t want to dissolve into nothing!”  That’s because it is a higher plane which transcends normal individuality and ego as we experience it now, so you feel that your identity is dissolving away; it’s scary to many and they run away.  They turn away from the fullness of their own being.  In the words of the Tibetan book of the Dead, they’re then drawn toward the lesser lights.  They’re falling and if they keep falling, they’ll end up back in physicality.

So what do these Tibetan Buddhist monks say happens if you don’t enter the clear light? You haven’t missed your chance, yet, but you’re going to encounter the Peaceful and Wrathful Deities and have to navigate through their little maze in the heavenly/astral planes.

Basically your fears and beliefs will begin to manifest because you’re on spiritual planes now, and in these domains your thoughts manifest.  From what I’ve gathered, when multiple spiritual beings exist in the same space within spiritual planes, manifested forms and experiences must be agreed upon, but if you don’t know this, these beings can have great power over you.  They may start manifesting terrible things around you, and if you don’t know how this all works, you don’t know that you have the power to make it stop.  These early Christian Gnostic texts claim that upon death, these deceptive spiritual beings on these planes can now swoop in on you, and while you’re disoriented at death, they want to confuse and deceive you.  The Apostle Paul wrote about dangers you’ll encounter with these entities, and how to avoid them.  It’s interesting information because, like I said earlier, it lines up perfectly with what I’ve studied in near death experiences.  Paul says these entities are going to try to confuse you, they’re going to lie to you about who you are, and they’re going to try to con you into reincarnating into physicality.  In these texts, Paul teaches that Jesus was a messenger, teaching a way back to the Father (the source, infinity) through rejection of this archon afterlife process (more about this as we go on) and a refusal to renter physicality.

In this first passage, Paul talks about a vision he had of a person dying; this poor soul didn’t understand what was going on. These deceptive entities descend on him, they pull him up into a heavenly realm, they guilt-trip him, confuse him, tell him he needs to work off some bad karma, and after quite a painful ordeal, they shove him back into another physical body.

But I saw in the fourth heaven according to class – I saw the angels resembling gods, the angels bringing a soul out of the land of the dead. They placed it at the gate of the fourth heaven. And the angels were whipping it. The soul spoke, saying, “What sin was it that I committed in the world?” The toll-collector who dwells in the fourth heaven replied, saying, “It was not right to commit all those lawless deeds that are in the world of the dead”. The soul replied, saying, “Bring witnesses! Let them show you in what body I committed lawless deeds. Do you wish to bring a book to read from?”

And the three witnesses came. The first spoke, saying, “Was I not in the body the second hour […]? I rose up against you until you fell into anger and rage and envy.” And the second spoke, saying, “Was I not in the world? And I entered at the fifth hour, and I saw you and desired you. And behold, then, now I charge you with the murders you committed.” The third spoke, saying, “Did I not come to you at the twelfth hour of the day when the sun was about to set? I gave you darkness until you should accomplish your sins.” When the soul heard these things, it gazed downward in sorrow. And then it gazed upward. It was cast down. The soul that had been cast down went to a body which had been prepared for it. And behold, its witnesses were finished.

Growing up in church, I was always told that once you died, your spirit/soul would be taken before the Father, the infinite source of the universe, and the acts of your life would be judged.  If you were “saved”, you would go to heaven, and if not, you’d go to hell.  These early Gnostic Christian texts are far different.  In these, the Father never judges anyone, or even wants us to be in this reality.  It doesn’t work that way at all.  Jesus came to save us, that is true, but not from “sin”.  He came to tell us this world is a big sham, run by deceptive entities, and that the Father wants us out of here.  We’re told the Father hates this realm and wants to destroy it as soon as we get out of here.  That’s a far different story.

These texts say we chose to come into this reality because we were deceived by the creators (the archons) of this false reality.  These deceptive entities told us that the Father was witholding special knowledge from us, so we were curious and decided to take the plunge into this physical world.  In order to learn these lessons, we were further told we had to go through the “sea of forgetfulness”, forgetting who we really are.  Once we agreed, they had us.  Ever since then, we’ve been reincarnating in this physical world, over and over, forgetting what exists outside of this place.  Each time we die, our spirit is once again released, and these archons have been swooping down on us, deceiving us again and again to come back here.  The poor soul Paul talked about was just another victim of this big deception.

According to these texts, even if you lived a good life, when you die and are trying to escape this place, these archons are swoop in, surround you, and tell you, “Don’t you remember all the nasty things you did in past lives?”  And you’ll be like, “What are you talking about?  I don’t remember any of this.  What is this?”  But they’re going to create illusions, false witnesses will spring up, and they’re going to have false books filled with these supposed horrible deeds you did.  Then they’re going to tell you that you can’t leave now, you’re not worthy to leave!  You need to make up for your past deeds and make things right!  This may sound crazy, but I remember watching a Youtube video of a woman sharing her near death experience.  She was a very spiritual woman who considered herself a Buddhist.  As she told of her experience, she sat there baffled, sharing that in her NDE these false witnesses came out of nowhere, claiming she was awful and did all these terrible things, exclaiming, “Don’t you remember the awful things you did to us!  And you’re just going to ignore it all?  Aren’t you ASHAMED!”  That woman didn’t buy into it, told them to buzz off, and eventually they left her alone.  But, if you buy into it like that guy the Apostle Paul talked about did, they’re going to prepare you another physical body to work off “karma”, or whatever nonsense they have in mind, and you’ll be crammed right back into physicality, right back into more suffering.

If you wised up a little during your life and didn’t buy into the whole “sin” thing so many religions and cultures tried to indoctrinate you with, next they will come at you from other angles.  Paul says that deities will try to claim that physicality is all part of a deep and long spiritual journey, that they’re here to help, and it’s important that these higher divine beings are with you to review your life;  it’s time to put it all into context, evaluate performance, and make recommendations.  After this life review, they’re going to try to convince you that if you’re wanting to evolve spiritually, there are certain physical realms that you are currently worthy of, or that offer the best lessons for where you’re currently at.  It’s all about spiritual evolution!

Then I gazed upward and saw the Spirit saying to me, “Paul, come! Proceed toward me!”. Then as I went, the gate opened, and I went up to the fifth heaven. And I saw my fellow apostles going with me while the Spirit accompanied us. And I saw a great angel in the fifth heaven holding an iron rod in his hand. There were three other angels with him, and I stared into their faces. But they were rivalling each other, with whips in their hands, goading the souls on to the judgment. But I went with the Spirit and the gate opened for me.

Then we went up to the sixth heaven. And I saw my fellow apostles going with me, and the Holy Spirit was leading me before them. And I gazed up on high and saw a great light shining down on the sixth heaven. I spoke, saying to the toll-collector who was in the sixth heaven, “Open to me and the Holy Spirit who is before me.” He opened to me.

Keyword to notice there is goading.  These archons were goading these recently deceased souls down certain paths.  “Goading” means to provoke by criticism and direct them down a certain path with that criticism.  They use guilt, shame, inadequacy, confusion, and those sorts of tactics.  The toll collector only lets by those who are worthy.  They tell ya, you know what, we’ve planned out your next life, and I know, it looks pretty terrible, but it’s for your own good.  These difficult experiences are going to teach you patience, courage, kindness, and other virtues.  So take your medicine!  That’s why the Gnostic Jesus said, “Never do what you hate.”  If you don’t want to do it, don’t let them convince you that you need to do it for your own good.  You have to remember that you’re already perfect, that good and evil is a false duality, and that it’s all an illusion.  That was the true message the Gnostic Christ brought.  Christ taught that you’re not guilty of anything, don’t buy into “sin” or “karma”, and just return to the realms of the Infinite source where you will be greeted warmly, regardless of what happened here on Earth; it’s irrelevant.  The Father wants your suffering in physicality to end.

So what do you do when you encounter these beings?  Basically, you tell them you’ve connected with your higher self, that you’re loved, the Holy Spirit is within you, and that you’re already perfect.  You tell them duality is an illusion, not to mention that what you’re currently perceiving is also an illusion.  The Tibetan monks say everything you’re experiencing at this point is emanating from your own mind, whereas Paul seemed to make them out to be beings who existed outside of yourself, but both mention the same sorts of encounters.  These beings are your own fears, your own beliefs, and your own subconscious ideas manifesting.  You have to realize that life was just a movie, and tell these beings that you’re returning to the clear light with the Divine Infinite Father (source) where you originally come from.  Respectfully ask them to move so that you can pass through.  If you realize and know who you are, they can’t hold you any longer, and you’re allowed to pass.

But they have one last ace up their sleeve.  Paul says these archons will create a false heaven, and it will be very nice.  They’ll appear to you as Jesus, Allah, a bearded man on a throne of light, or Krishna, or Shiva, or whoever you believe in.  They’ll then say, “This is heaven and am I your God!”  This stage is for people who believed there’s a special sort of “human” spirit and that’s what they’re created to be.  They don’t realize that at this level of existence, no being rules over them.  These deceased folks have failed to realize that they are actually a much purer consciousness that has infinite power and can take on limitless forms and identities.  If during your life you were caught up in the religious nonsense all around you, then you’ll stay with this false God in the false heaven, along with many others.  While you’re there, these archons will continually work on you until they eventually convince you that you need to return to physicality to develop spiritually.

So what do you do if you end up in a false heaven with some being pretending to be God?  You resist, tell them you’re not buying the whole charade, that this realm is not the true clear infinite Light of the Father, and that you want by.  They’re going to then play dumb, saying, “What are you talking about?  This IS heaven.  I AM God.  Where do you expect to go?”  But you keep insisting that you’re passing by and going to the infinite divine clear light. They will then say, “So you see through the game?  So what.  How will escape!  Look at all this power we wield.  We have armies of angels to hold you back.  How can you possible get past all of us!”

Then we went up to the seventh heaven, and I saw an old man […] light and whose garment was white. His throne, which is in the seventh heaven, was brighter than the sun by seven times. The old man spoke, saying to me, “Where are you going, Paul? O blessed one and the one who was set apart from his mother`s womb.” But I looked at the Spirit, and he was nodding his head, saying to me, “Speak with him!”. And I replied, saying to the old man, “I am going to the place from which I came.” And the old man responded to me, “Where are you from?” But I replied, saying, “I am going down to the world of the dead in order to lead captive the captivity that was led captive in the captivity of Babylon.” The old man replied to me saying, “How will you be able to get away from me? Look and see the principalities and authorities.” The Spirit spoke, saying, “Give him the sign that you have, and he will open for you.” And then I gave him the sign. He turned his face downwards to his creation and to those who are his own authorities.

And then the <seventh> heaven opened and we went up to the Ogdoad. And I saw the twelve apostles. They greeted me, and we went up to the ninth heaven. I greeted all those who were in the ninth heaven, and we went up to the tenth heaven. And I greeted my fellow spirits.

How do you get through?  You call on your personal connection with your Atman, your higher self, and it will produce some sort of a sign, a special action, though I don’t know what exactly.  Since you’re the one dreaming all this up, it’s not like it matters.  At that point Paul says they will back off and let you go right on through into the clear light.  Like the Tibetan Book of the Dead says, know thyself.  When you know who you are, there’s no force that can stop you from returning to your fullness.

From what I gather from near death experiences, there’s no particular way that these events unfold because it’s all heavily dependent on your own beliefs.  All of this probably sounds quite nuts to most of you.  Strangely though, the more deeply you explore all of this, whether it be meditation masters such as Himalayan Yogis, Buddhist/Hindu monks, the Christian saints, out of body experiences, people who are put under hypnosis revealing experiences before they incarnated here, near death experiences, or even ancient mystery schools such as the Masons, Kabbalah, occult literature, and other sources, all of this stuff points to the same picture.  A lot of it is in coded language, but if you spend enough time with it, a particular picture comes into view.

Many believe that this world may be screwed up, but the heavens are perfect.  These ancient texts say you’re naive to believe that.  As above so below.

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