Thoughts On Creating Your Own Reality

As I’ve mentioned often on this blog lately, I’ve been pursuing peace of mind.  Naturally, wanting to learn more about this, I have been spending a lot of time on Youtube, searching for lectures and videos on the topic, hoping to educate and better myself.  I’ve come to learn that ‘peace of mind’ is a topic a lot of ‘spiritual’ gurus and religious types like to talk about, so naturally I’ve been stumbling into a lot of their videos.  I’ve noticed that many of them get into “you create your own reality”, or “ask the universe for what you want and you will receive it!”

Whoa, that sounds great!  I can create my own reality?  Fantastic!  Let’s get started.  First off, I want to live on a giant floating island, way up in the clouds, inside of a beautiful palace.  This palace will be surrounded by an elaborate garden, filled with flowers, colorful stones, and statues. 

I want there to be rivers filled with crystal clear water, so pure I can drink it, and for this water to flow off the sides of my floating island as giant waterfalls, much larger than Niagra Falls.  Oh, and for fun I’ll have all sorts of hot air balloons.  I’ll hop off into one from a castle terrace and float off into this giant expanse of beauty, filled with majestic flying creatures, all who radiate magnificent rays of color.

Shimmering lights, similar to the auroras, will fill the skies around my castle; down below we will find legions of stunningly beautiful, magical nymphs who take care of my castle, its garden, and my every need. Oh, and of course, they’re all madly in love with me!  These nymphs will be made of magical light and will be able to take on any appearance.  They will endlessly love me, and you too if you come to visit!  They will be beings of pure unconditional love.  They’ll be amazing, funny, and overall, just a blast to be around.  We’ll play games, sing, and dance.  Oh, and when we really want to be crazy, we’ll also be able to manipulate these lights up above the castle and form any play reality we wish; there will be endless games, anything we can imagine really.  Love, beauty, and endless fun, for everyone!

I want there to be a special background energy in this space.  Unconditional love, ecstasy, and joy will permeate everyone who enters this place.  They will feel welcome, happy to be there, and filled with creative energy, ready to play all the limitless games we will imagine to play together.  There won’t even be a place for toxic, nasty behavior, unless it’s an act, and if considerable suffering starts to happen in a particular game, we’ll always end it.    

This sounds great.  I’ve made my request, now … MANIFEST! … MAAANNNIFFFEESSSTTTT NNOOOWWWW!  *waves finger around like a wand*

Nothing happened.

Oh, wait a minute.  I thought I could create my own reality?  What kind of scam are you pulling here?  Oh, I can only choose to create within extremely lame limitations.  Oh, I have a choice, but it’s only between this boring job and that boring job, neither of which are any fun to do?  Oh and to accomplish or do anything worth doing, there will be extreme suffering and tedium galore, otherwise you’ll say I lacked “faith”?  Oh, and I can choose between this little box or that little box to live in, neither or which are particularly impressive.  I suppose there are choices, but they’re all lame choices.

What do I want to do?  All the things in my imagination which aren’t even possible in this place.  I want to build a fantasy airship and float off into an epic adventure.  I want to build and race futuristic flying cars at supersonic speeds on strange race tracks floating in space.  I want to ride on the back of a giant, magical, talking panther in a majestic forest and romance a beautiful princess as I defend her from goblins and somehow help her save her kingdom from ruin.  I don’t know, something!  

Create my own reality?  If I’m stuck in this … place … whatever it is, I’d just play and create video games, lift weights with the guys, play sports, maybe learn to play the piano, compose some music, I don’t know, fun stuff like that.  Who knows, I even liked to draw in the past.  I think it’s cool to express this neat stuff in your imagination so others can experience it, at least in some way.  But my biggest problem has been that the things I really find interesting and enjoy doing, you can rarely if ever earn money doing it.  So maybe I should practice manifesting bazillions of dollars, so I can liberate myself and all my friends, and we’ll do fun stuff.  Yay!  But isn’t that what everyone pretty much dreams of?  That’s why there’s so much greed when it comes to money.

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