More Censorship

If you haven’t heard, Alex Jones, the popular right-wing conspiracy theorist, has been banned from the Apple Store, Facebook, and Youtube, all in one go.  It’s nothing new; we’ve seen the far-left, Silicon Valley types using what power they wield to stamp out opinions they disagree with.  What really shocked me though was that all the big internet giants censored Alex at once.  Aren’t these separate corporations with their own management and policies?  Isn’t it quite amazing how they all acted together?  That is a bit terrifying.

My worry is that a harmful idea is seeping into people’s heads;  if a person doesn’t like something or someone, it’s ok for them to use their power and influence to remove that other person or idea from the world.  Our problem is that we won’t accept or respect the people we disagree with and dislike. 

As Christopher Hitchens points out in the video above, when we refuse to let people speak, we’re doing ourselves a disservice.  We’re giving up our right to hear a particular idea and make up our own minds about it.

When I think about it morally, we as a society are not letting people be who they really are.  The right and the left are equally guilty of this.  Historically, humans have always been terrible at this.  People are always wanting to control and suppress one another.  But love is different.  Love accepts people for who they are.  Love respects people, and lets them express themselves, whatever that expression may be.

I want you to think for a moment.  When you see Alex Jones being suppressed, I’d like you to consider how this is awfully similar to a bigoted parent shunning his kid because of they are gay.  How are they similar?  Well, the parent has control over that particular household and what goes on there, and they’re using that power to suppress the child from being who they want to be.  The left does the same thing to their children if they ‘come out’ as conservative.  I’ve seen so many Youtube vloggers go into it, and it’s sad.  Many of these children are practically disowned.  So it happens on both the left and the right.

Think of another example.  Say we have a store owner, service, or business that is refusing to serve a particular customer because of their skin color, sexual orientation, political views, or some other characteristic.  Are you seeing the same pattern?  The owner controls what goes on within that business establishment and is trying to suppress certain customers, ways of life, or viewpoints.  This happens on both the left and the right.  The left was kicking out Vice President Pence from watching a play because of his political views, and the right was kicking out gays from their bakeries.  This behavior is a mirror image of one another; it’s the exact same pattern: I don’t like the decisions you’re making, I don’t like your way of life, I don’t like something about you, so I don’t want you to be a part of my reality; get out!

You can mask it in all kinds of fancy rhetoric, fallacious arguments, and mental gymnastics, but it’s all so simple to understand.  People don’t like one another and they want the objects of their hatred to go away.  In this particular case, I find it especially sad and pathetic because you don’t even have to watch Alex Jones’ videos.  It’s not like Alex is in your face, yelling at you with a megaphone.  That’d be a real test of your love and character, but if you had real love in your heart, you’d still love him, even when he was acting that way.  In this case, you don’t have to visit his Facebook page.  You don’t have to listen to his podcast.  He’s so easy to remove from your reality.  Just click away.  Close the window.  Leave that area of the website.  Yeah, he’s different, he’s fringe, but there is a segment of our population who are into him.  Let them do their thing.  Let the UFO, Illuminati, Bilderberg conspiracy people have their place in the big sphere of life.

How can you talk about diversity and then not allow diverse ideas and strange people to exist on your platform?  That’s what freedom looks like.  There’s a bell-curve, where most people fit within a few standard deviations from some norm, and then there’s these fringe people who are hard to classify.  They’re their own thing.  Let them be.

All of this censorship, this is group think, it’s conformity enforcement, and it’s a recipe for a boring world where everyone and everything’s the same.

Maybe you’re a part of the left and are thinking, hooray, now that dude is finally gone!  Well, these things go in cycles.  You can ban anyone and everyone you don’t like.  If you wield power, you have free will and can do that, but there will be backlash, and you’re not going to like it.  Eventually someone else will gain control over the things you now control, and they’re going to ban everything you love and you’re going to regret ever starting this trend. You’re setting precedents into motion that are going to be difficult to reverse.  You enjoy freedom now, but historically it’s a rare thing.  They’ll ban you, you’ll ban them, and eventually we’ll all be crammed into a tiny box, unable to express or be anything or anyone we want to be.

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