My Experience Going Vegan

Starting this summer, I decided to take the plunge into veganism.  I suppose it’d be more accurate to say I’m a semi-vegan now, because sometimes I’ll eat animals or drink milk.  However, I only do that when I’m with other people, such as eating dinner with my parents. For example, one day my Dad grilled steaks and I could see how excited he was for me to eat it.  In those situations I’ll eat what’s put in front of me, but whenever I’m preparing meals for myself, I’m exclusively vegan these days.

My diet consists of things like beans, lentils, oatmeal, brown rice, salads of all sorts, all kinds of fruits, such as cherries, oranges, apples, grapes, pears, etc.  I only drink water and plant based protein shakes.  You get the idea.

It’s been an incredible experience.  It was hard at first, mainly because I didn’t know what I was supposed to eat.  I was nibbling on some cherries and eating a few oranges and thinking, ok, this is a nice snack, but what about actual food?  I lift weights everyday in the gym, I need a lot of protein, carbs, and serious nutrition.  But once I learned the dishes, how to prepare them, etc., it really has been working out.

The first thing you notice is how light and full of energy you are.  It’s the complete opposite of feeling plugged up and groggy.  I just feel light.  Strangely, I’m now at a place where I don’t even want hamburgers, pizza, potato chips, and all the rest of it.  I know how good I feel, all day long, when I eat fruits, vegetables, beans, and all that.  Eating other junk now feels like pouring sludge into my body.  I don’t want it anymore.

Like one day I was with someone and they had a big bag of these puffy cheesy cheetos, and I grabbed two of them.  I took a bite and it was just like, my gosh, the salt!  My mouth has become super sensitive to things like that.  So much sugar.  So much salt.  So much grease.  Nowadays I’m just like, eh, no thanks!

Another thing was that my body got completely chizzled.  I wasn’t a fat person before this, but the fat I did have just melted off my body.  I look in the mirror and it’s like, hey, not bad!  I’m feeling better, looking better, nice!

And here’s the biggest one — I used to get headaches a lot.  I was popping aspirin all the time, sometimes several times a week, dealing with headaches from working on the computer all day.  I thought it was my eyesight, strain from staring at the screen.  I blamed my contacts, I blamed my glasses, I blamed my computer screens.  I tried all kinds of weird solutions, none of which worked.  I figured it was a fact of life.  However, it wasn’t!  Those headaches just went away.  I don’t get them anymore.  That was huge for me.  I remember the first week I didn’t have headaches, and I was like, wow.  Then the second week, still no headaches.  Double wow.  Then a third week, no headaches.  Oh my gosh, this is amazing.  Then a month, two months, and now three months.  No headaches!

That makes me wonder, what was causing my headaches?  Was it the weird hormones in all the milk I was drinking?  Maybe it was the steroids and growth hormone in all the chicken?  Maybe it was all the preservatives and salt in the processed food?  Maybe it was the MSG that’s in almost everything?  Who knows.

The more I learn, I just realize that our culture and way of life causes so much bodily suffering.  So many people suffer health problems, all because of what we’re eating.  We feel like crap, we’re obese, we’re all plugged up inside, and all because we eat the wrong things.

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  1. I’ve thought about eating vegan as well, mostly for ethical reasons, but I worry about the health consequences. I’ve heard many stories similar to the one you just described, but that often happens whenever you cut out some sort of junk, doesn’t matter if you went paleo, vegan, keto, whatever. I’m pretty skeptical in general with any diet that advocates cutting out entire food groups, and I’m not convinced that everyone could be healthy on a vegan diet (maybe some people can), as everyone is a little bit different. I’ve also read of vegans who said what you say now only to have problems years down the line.

    Let us know how it goes as time goes by.

    1. Matt,

      I’ve heard people warning of health consequences as well. I wonder though, there are monks who live long lives, eating nothing but plant based foods. I’m not an “advocate” of any particular diet though. You eat the way you want to eat. I’m not preaching here. I too have thought about all the suffering in animals and think we as a society should cut back on meat. It’s hard though. I had been debating trying out this sort of diet for years, but never took the plunge. I was going to do a cut this summer to take off some of the extra ‘bulking’ weight I put on, so I figured, hey, why not try out this vegan thing. Then I found goods that are pretty good, and I’ve been feeling great. So, hooray. And I dunno if I’m the best metric to use. I cheat a lot. Just recently I was eating some sausage and cheese spread on crackers. I was with my brothers the other day eating pepperoni pizza, and sausage and mushroom pizza. I sometimes eat steak. I even ate a Burger King Whopper not too long ago. So if a pure vegan would experience health problems, I may end up avoiding them by all these times I cheat. I’m not strict. I’ve even drank several whey based protein shakes, based on milk. I think it was Muscle Milk. So yeah.

      But I will let everyone know how it goes anyway, but keep all this in mind.

      – Jason

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