What Do You Find In An SJW Textbook

What sort of nonsense do you find in a social justice warrior textbook?  Within humanities departments across the nation, the most popular textbook is the heralded Race, Class, and Gender.

In the very beginning the authors outline the very purpose of the text.

“Objectivity as found through rational thought is a western and masculine concept that we will challenge throughout this text.”


I’ve never heard anything so absurd in my life.  They don’t even believe in empirical evidence or rational argument.  Evidence and coherent thought are apparently western, masculine concepts.  When us physicists require experimental evidence that a particular theory of metallic conduction is correct, it’s really just us men trying to hold women down!

What else do we find in this textbook.  Just keep turning the pages, and it’s not long before you encounter statements like,

“Mathematics is whiteness.”

Solutions to different integral equations, methods for taking derivatives, solutions to algebraic equations, methods for calculating areas, volumes, etc., methods for solving differential equations, and so on, all of this is “white”.  Us white males have created this structure, all to hold other races and women down.

I can’t even comprehend these statements.  I’ve had female physics professors.  Many of my mathematics professors have been asian, and others were women, and they weren’t always white women.  How is mathematics “white”?  How is it male?  The truths of mathematics have nothing to do with race, gender, or any of that baloney.

How embarrassing.  I’m somewhat ashamed to even be affiliated with an institution where ideas like that are being taught to students.  This episode of the Simpsons captures just how absurd these ideas are.

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