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What Do You Find In An SJW Textbook

What sort of nonsense do you find in a social justice warrior textbook?  Within humanities departments across the nation, the most popular textbook is the heralded Race, Class, and Gender. In the very beginning the authors outline the very purpose of … Continue reading

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Becoming Aware Of Where You Really Are

Recently I’ve been reading Aldous Huxley’s book The Perennial Philosophy.   The book is filled with wonderful quotations from great thinkers and spiritual teachers throughout all of history.  One quotation from the Third Patriarch of Zen really grabbed me. The Perfect … Continue reading

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Let Them Speak

Why is freedom of speech so important?  Because it’s the only way people can ever come to think clearly on issues.  In this next video University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson explains why this is the case. Oftentimes people don’t … Continue reading

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How Free Speech Withers Away

I’m a big advocate of freedom and free speech.  Whatever you have to say, offensive or inoffensive, intelligent or stupid, speculative or well researched, whatever it may be, people have a right to say it, to express themselves, to be … Continue reading

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Some Random Thoughts On Video-games

Recently the President showed a highlight reel of the sorts of intense violence in today’s video-games.   It’s pretty bad.  You can take a look at the reel for yourself. I think the highlights speak for themselves.  Considering that’s what we … Continue reading

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