Do Our Opinions Matter?

Princeton recently did a research study, looking at public support for a particular government policy and whether or not it becomes a law.

What did they find?  Pretty much what you’d expect.  There is absolutely no correlation between what we Americans want, and what the U.S. government actually does.  They don’t care what we want, at all.  But if you look at elite business interests, they get exactly what they want.  You can read it here.

Why is this?  The richest corporations and billionaires give politicians campaign contributions and job offers when their terms of public “service” are over, and that’s enough to get whatever legislation they want.

Why is healthcare so expensive?  Why are college tuition costs insane?  Why are we in constant wars that never end?  Why does Wall Street get away with bailout after bailout? Why are all our good factory jobs sent off to become sweatshops around the world?  The list goes on.

The answer is simple; follow the money.  We the people don’t benefit from any of this, but the elite do.

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