The Dangers Of Making Certain Facts Taboo

Anyone paying attention to politics has surely realized that political correctness makes having certain important discussions very difficult.  There are topics that are just off limits.  The ideas are taboo.  But what happens when curious people are exposed to true facts, primarily through the internet, which have never been voiced in their university classrooms or ever mentioned in credible media sources?

They get outraged.  They immediately think, “Why have I not been told about this?  Why are ‘they’ trying to hide this information from me?”  It also embeds a seed of suspicion in their heart, making them distrust whoever it was that they feel withheld that information from them, whether it be the mainstream media, the universities, the government, the left, the right, whoever it may be.

It also creates a bigger problem.  Since the best and brightest people are not allowed to discuss these topics in public forums, we have no intelligent people around to dispel the bad arguments and erroneous conclusions.  We have bad viruses spreading all over the place, but there is no proper immunization.  With PC culture around, many professors are afraid to share their true opinions in fear of losing their job.  Those least informed go around screaming at the top of their lungs, spreading the disease, and the antidote is locked away.

In the video below, Steven Pinker, Professor of Psychology at Harvard, makes a very compelling argument as to why PC topics are especially important to discuss.

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