What The War On Drugs Does To People

We oftentimes hear politicians talking about how they’re going to clean up our communities, get rid of the drugs, and that we all need to be tough on drug offenders.  This leads them to put incredibly harsh punishments on all drug offenses, even if there is no victim.  If you’re someone who feels this way, take a cold hard look at the video below.  You need to realize what you’re doing to people.

Here’s a man that used to own a construction business, even employing four other people.  He was a family man and everything someone’s supposed to be.  At some point it seems he got caught with some drugs (he doesn’t say what exactly), and he’s locked up for nearly a decade.  He finally gets out of prison and finds he has nothing.  Nobody will hire him or even rent him an apartment because he’s a convicted felon, and feeling completely shunned from society, he basically came to the conclusion “fuck society”.  He travels around with his guitar, playing in front of gas stations for a little money here and there and lives out of a tent.

For all the “tough on crime” types, is this what you want to do to people?  I can understand someone not wanting drugs in their community, but this is way beyond what any reasonable conception of justice demands.

Hoping Anti-War Protests Rise Again

A strange thing happened when Barack Obama was elected.  Prior to his inauguration in 2008, streets all over the United States were filled with protesters and demonstrations against wars in the Middle East, the bombings, and the drone strikes.  Remember this?


And this?


Or how about this?


Then Obama came into power, and strangely, even though he escalated all the wars, the bombings, and the drone strikes, the streets have been empty.  I’ve never understood why.

I really enjoyed this video. Julie is very entertaining.

Now that Trump is coming into office, I’m hoping that many will start paying attention again.  For some reason unknown to me, everyone loved Obama, though from what I saw he was just Bush on steroids.    Everyone seems to hate Trump, so maybe we’ll see the war protesters come back into action.  Protest, protest, and protest, and fight to end all these stupid wars.  I’ll be right there with you.  I’ve been sad seeing the left get caught up with rather trivial issues like bullying, safe spaces, mansplaining, and micro-aggressions, and I wish they would instead focus their energy into reforming Wall Street, the erosion of our civil liberties, and protesting all the death and destruction from these wars.