Why If I Vote, I Guess I’ll Vote Trump

I’ll preface this by saying that I don’t like Donald Trump.  I don’t want to vote for either of these candidates, Trump or Hillary.  I was feeling so discouraged watching the candidates, I had decided that I wasn’t going to vote.  However, I got to watching the debate and I heard Hillary say she wanted a no fly zone over Syria.  Hillary sounds like she’s very informed, but Hillary’s worst quality is she is a warmonger.  All of the top generals are telling Hillary, “Don’t do it.  That would bring us to war with Russia.”

Why are we fighting all of these wars?  First we had Iraq, then Libya, and now Syria and Russia.  Millions of people have already been killed, we’ve ran up trillions of dollars in debt (enough money to pay for everyone’s college education for the last decade), and for what?  All we’ve got to show for it is ISIS.

As Sargon of Akkad points out in his Youtube video, these wars seem to follow the same six step pattern.

  1. Secular Middle-Eastern dictators suppress Islamists and Jihadists
  2. The West invades to support a native (usually Islamist) uprising to oust the dictator
  3. Lack of unity in the Islamist forces prevents a stable government from forming
  4. The power vacuum causes persistent civil war between the rebels
  5. The chaos and Islamist links facilitate ISIS entering the country and gaining territory
  6. A new front is opened in the global jihad currently being waged by radical Islamists.

At the very least Trump doesn’t want a war with Russia and is staying out of Syria.  That is the only reason I’m voting for him.  I don’t want any more wars, especially with a superpower like Russia.

So even though I don’t agree with Trump’s domestic policies, I am voting Trump to (hopefully) spare some lives, whether they are those of our troops, or innocent civilian casualties from these brutal wars.

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