Donald Trump’s Wall

What puzzles me is that the left is making out Donald Trump to be some sort of xenophobic, racist, horrible person for proposing we build a wall to stop the flood of Mexican immigrants into our country.

Trumps Wall

I don’t agree with this policy, but what so many on the left fail to know is that Hillary Clinton supported the exact same policies just a few years ago.  Take a look at this clip.

As a senator she proposed and was pushing Congress to build a physical “barrier” (sounds a lot like a wall to me), she accuses the Mexican government of pushing their people into our country illegally, and she states that we need to take drastic measures to stop illegal immigration.  What is so different between them?  Someone please tell me.

But if you read the news, they act as if Hillary has practically opened her arms to immigrants throughout her career!  They also like to pretend that she cares about Muslims.  Give me a break.  Tell that to the millions of dead Muslims in Iraq, Syria, and Libya, wars all supported and or instigated by Hillary while she was Secretary Of State.   Yeah, I bet she cares.

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