Tired Of Media “Racism”

I’m tired of the media drumming up racism, especially when it isn’t there.  Take a look at a few screenshots from the Huffington Post.

White Campaign Manager

A headline on their front page reads, “Trump’s White Campaign Manager.”  She’s white, so what?  What does that have to do with anything?  It’s just race baiting and it is disgusting.

I’ve seen some really bizarre ads on their front page.  Like take this one.  It encourages users to download an app which promotes black businesses.  Once again, why just black businesses?   And here’s another article, about an Olympic athlete who was drunk after partying, celebrating after winning a medal, and at one point ended up breaking a few things in a gas station bathroom.  He then had a confrontation with the police.  What, he wasn’t shot down and killed?  He wasn’t beaten to a pulp?  It must be white privilege!  Seriously, give it a rest.

White Privilege

He apologized, fine him, and move on people.  Don’t make this some big racist ordeal.

Or if you go on CNN these days, you’ll see articles like this.  Apparently the Red Cross is racist because they issued this safety swimming pool poster for children.

racist poster

There is nothing remotely racist to that poster.  This sort of stupidity is all over the mainstream media.

I really wish more people were like Morgan Freeman.

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