What Do Muslims Believe?

You know what?  I’m completely buried in snow, unable to do anything.  That being the case, I guess I’ll write a post about what Muslims believe.  There are frequently discussions about terrorism, women’s rights, gay rights, and a host of other things and their relationship to Muslims, and very few people are actually informed with actual facts and statistics.  So, let’s look into this.

A few years ago (April 2013) the Pew Research Center did an extensive survey of over 38,000 Muslims in 39 countries, with each country having over 10 million Muslims.  If you want to view the report for yourself, it is here.  Let’s ask the politically incorrect questions shall we?  How many of them supported the shootings in Paris and 9/11?  Do they want to impose Sharia law on the world?  What do they think about women’s rights?  How many of them believe in stoning women who commit adultery?  How many of them would kill you if you left their religion?  How many of them support homosexuals?


We’ll start with the biggest question, terrorism.  How many of them would kill you for doing something like drawing a cartoon of the Prophet?  The majority of them would not, but it’s pretty scary the number who would.


Considering that each of these countries have 10 million or more Muslims, even if only a minority of 7% want to commit such acts, that’s over 700,000 people.  There are millions of radicals roaming around.  That terrifies me.  Muslims know they have crazies extremist groups and it worries them, as is indicated in this next poll.  Radical Christian crazies scare them too.


So how many Muslims want to institute Sharia law?  The answer?  A lot of them.

shariaIt’s important to note that not all of them want to impose Sharia law on non-Muslims.  Depends on who you ask.  Still, the numbers aren’t very fun to look at.


How about women’s rights?  Basically they think women should be submissive and let men run society.


And how many of them would stone a woman for committing adultery?  Well, have a look.


You’ve probably heard that Muslims won’t let you leave their religion.  They strongly believe in freedom of religion.  They’ll let you practice your faith in peace.  However, if you convert to their faith and try to leave, a very large number of them will hunt you down and kill you.


As I mentioned, they are firm believers in religious freedom.


Do they support homosexuals?  Hah, are you kidding me?  No, they do not.


If you want to learn more read the full report in the link I provided in the beginning.

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