What Do Muslims Believe?

You know what?  I’m completely buried in snow, unable to do anything.  That being the case, I guess I’ll write a post about what Muslims believe.  There are frequently discussions about terrorism, women’s rights, gay rights, and a host of other things and their relationship to Muslims, and very few people are actually informed with actual facts and statistics.  So, let’s look into this.

A few years ago (April 2013) the Pew Research Center did an extensive survey of over 38,000 Muslims in 39 countries, with each country having over 10 million Muslims.  If you want to view the report for yourself, it is here.  Let’s ask the politically incorrect questions shall we?  How many of them supported the shootings in Paris and 9/11?  Do they want to impose Sharia law on the world?  What do they think about women’s rights?  How many of them believe in stoning women who commit adultery?  How many of them would kill you if you left their religion?  How many of them support homosexuals?


We’ll start with the biggest question, terrorism.  How many of them would kill you for doing something like drawing a cartoon of the Prophet?  The majority of them would not, but it’s pretty scary the number who would.


Considering that each of these countries have 10 million or more Muslims, even if only a minority of 7% want to commit such acts, that’s over 700,000 people.  There are millions of radicals roaming around.  That terrifies me.  Muslims know they have crazies extremist groups and it worries them, as is indicated in this next poll.  Radical Christian crazies scare them too.


So how many Muslims want to institute Sharia law?  The answer?  A lot of them.

shariaIt’s important to note that not all of them want to impose Sharia law on non-Muslims.  Depends on who you ask.  Still, the numbers aren’t very fun to look at.


How about women’s rights?  Basically they think women should be submissive and let men run society.


And how many of them would stone a woman for committing adultery?  Well, have a look.


You’ve probably heard that Muslims won’t let you leave their religion.  They strongly believe in freedom of religion.  They’ll let you practice your faith in peace.  However, if you convert to their faith and try to leave, a very large number of them will hunt you down and kill you.


As I mentioned, they are firm believers in religious freedom.


Do they support homosexuals?  Hah, are you kidding me?  No, they do not.


If you want to learn more read the full report in the link I provided in the beginning.

Earthly Utopias

What happens when you create a utopia on Earth?  We can’t do this for humans, but we have the power to do this for a small subset of animals.  What will happens when we do?

Dr. Calhoun (see video below), and American ethologist in the 1950s, built a perfect utopia for mice.  It was a huge cage filled with food dishes, water containers, and lots of nesting spaces.  These food containers were always refilled, as was the water.  A hundred of so perfectly healthy mice were placed in the utopia.  They had tons of space and more food and water than they’d ever need.  Sounds like an interesting experiment.  What happened?

I’ll give you a very short synopsis.  In the beginning males competed for space and established harems of females.  There was an initial drop in the population due to this infighting but afterwards there was a population explosion, all the way up to the cage’s maximum capacity, which was roughly 3000 mice.  Things got more and more crowded until in order to get anything in society, there was a huge fight involved.  Each mouse had to compete for water, they had to fight and compete for food, they had to fight and compete for a mate, and so on.

At first this competition just bred violence but it eventually lead the mice to insanity.  They were getting chewed up just to get food and water and males had to go extreme lengths to get a female mate.  More and more of the mice began to “opt out” of society altogether.  They would no longer socialize at all.  They would sneak to the food and water dishes, eat, drink, and groom themselves, but that’s it.  They stopped having sex, and the males and females quit breeding altogether.  Dr. Calhoun called these mice “the beautiful ones” because they were the only ones not all chewed up from battle.  More and more mice began to opt out, and after a generation or two of these “opt out” mice, their entire population died out.  The mouse population quickly dropped off until there were none left at all.

Toward the end, the mice had no social structure at all.  The males no longer knew how to interact with the females, and vice versa.  Others became pansexuals and the mother rats lost interest in raising their children.  Everything quickly became too complicated and laden with conflict.  They were all terrified of one another, so much so that they just stayed isolated, in their own little area of the cage until they all died off.

This experiment obviously has profound implications for human society.  The more our planet becomes overpopulated, where we all have to fight for jobs and resources and our social structure continues to make relationships more difficult and conflict-ridden, filled with mind games, the more humans will “opt out” of society, interacting with it as little as possible, trying to avoid getting psychologically “chewed up”.  I’m sure the same thing could easily happen to humans.  It seems to already be happening to Japan.

In Japan, over 60% of men in their 20s and 42% of those 23 to 34 are uninterested in women altogether.  Read that statistic again.  Six out of every ten men are uninterested in relationships of any kind.  That is not natural.  That is not normal.  You can’t explain it away as if they’ve all had some mass “realization” that they’re all asexuals; it’s a complete and utter breakdown of their society.  These people are opting out.  They’re scared, terrified, and quitting.  They’re uninterested in money or competition.  They want to live simple lives.  They see everyone around them getting chewed up and have quit.  They go for walks and take photographs of Buddhist temples.  They play video games and get their emotional fulfillment from dating simulations on the computer.  These men are called herbivores or “grass eating men”.

“Yoto Hosho, a 22-year-old college dropout who considers himself and most of his friends herbivores, believes the term describes a diverse group of men who have no desire to live up to traditional social expectations in their relationships with women, their jobs, or anything else. “We don’t care at all what people think about how we live,” he says.

Many of Hosho’s friends spend so much time playing computer games that they prefer the company of cyber women to the real thing. And the Internet, he says, has helped make alternative lifestyles more acceptable. Hosho believes that the lines between men and women in his generation have blurred. He points to the popularity of “boys love,” a genre of manga and novels written for women about romantic relationships between men that has spawned its own line of videos, computer games, magazines, and cafes where women dress as men.”

This is what happens when there’s no opportunity for people.  The social roles between men and women breakdown.  There is so much competition for mates, the rituals and demands to attract one another become more and more complicated and extreme.  The competition is so fierce, everyone’s expectations get higher and higher.  To meet those expectations becomes more and more of a challenge, and people drop out under the pressure.

It seems that when this happens in human beings, relationships get so screwed up that people lose sight of their genders and have no idea who they even are.  Nobody knows what they’re supposed to do or how to interact anymore.  Everyone’s forced to work so much to get anything, they start to go crazy.  People give up.  It’s not worth the effort.  It’s all so difficult and crazy, people don’t want anymore of it.  Like the rats in the cage who spent their lives in isolation, grooming themselves, humans are starting to do the same.

Insanity Within The Left And Universities

Over the past several years, I’ve watched several cancers grow within the left and it’s strange to watch.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Let’s just jump right in.

How many of us have seen intellectuals criticizing different forms of bigotry, misogyny, and intolerance within mainstream religions and then a mob of regressive leftists turn back on them and claim that no, THEY are the bigots.  People stand up for women’s rights, gay rights, and free speech and are told they are racist and intolerant of others beliefs.  It’s so bizarre.

Or how about the language police?  Turn on MSNBC and you’ll see this clown, Melissa Harris-Perry.  Apparently, if you claim someone is a hard worker you’re now racist, offensive, and “problematic”.  The only real hard workers are the poor single mothers struggling to provide for their children, or the black slaves way back when picking cotton in the fields.  They knew hard work!  The rest of us?  We haven’t a clue and we can’t even use that word anymore.  She also feels Star-Wars is racist.  Why is Darth Vader, the evil villain, black huh?  Was George Lucas trying to imply that blacks are evil? Watch it for yourself.  Her sort of ilk live to stir up racism and want to pick fights.  They’re vile.

Over half of young people within the left don’t believe in free speech anymore.  You might say something that offends somebody.  It’s all about safe spaces, coddling everyone, and making them feel at home.  Many of you probably don’t follow this stuff, but it’s festering everywhere these days.  If you watch this next video from Yale’s campus you see a mob of young people surrounding their chancellor, swearing at him, yelling at him, and telling him to resign.  And what for?  It’s hard to believe, but if you look into it, this was due to Halloween costumes.  These students thought their chancellor should prohibit certain costumes because they thought they weren’t culturally respectful or whatever, and the chancellor basically said everyone should chill out and enjoy the holiday.  This next video is what ensued.

I can hear you guys thinking, yeah Jason, those are just a cooky minority, and we always have those.  They’re just a loud, vocal minority, nothing more.  We can safely ignore them.  Really?  Let’s look at what these young people are watching on MTV.

To my generation, when Halloween comes around, you just try to be creative and have a good time.  Whatever your costume, it’s not a big deal.  If girls want to put on a sexy Halloween costume, hey, lucky us right? However, the left is becoming just like the prudish religious people I remember seeing growing up.  As many of you know, my father is a pastor, and growing up he was an evangelist.  We would travel to all these different churches and I remember one country church in particular where the women weren’t allowed to wear make-up and they all had to wear long dresses down to the floor.  You wouldn’t want to give in to lust and sexual temptation!  It amuses me to see that feminists are now bringing that sexual repression in a new form; dressing sexy is degrading and women can’t let themselves be sexually objectified.  They’re so controlling and judgmental.

Listen to Laci go on about racist costumes, culturally insensitive costumes, sexual objectification, and on and on.  She blows it all out of proportion, thinking way too much about it all.  With these young people, just going out on Halloween night with your friends has become a social landmine field.  You can’t wear that sombrero, it might offend Mexican immigrants.  You can’t wear that sexy nurse costume, don’t you respect yourself?  You can’t wear that samurai armor, don’t you understand there’s an entire culture and ideology behind that?  This is the sort of petty drivel they work themselves up over.  They suck the fun and life out of everything.

You’ve probably heard about how comedians will no longer come on college campuses because young people today are too politically correct.  You can’t even make jokes.  They get offended by almost everything.  It’s not about your intent, or anything you’ve actually done.  These leftists don’t care about that.  It’s all about adhering to all of their social taboos.  Certain words are just bad because they’re bad.  A black comedian like Chris Rock can’t even make jokes about the culture he grew up in or the things he’s experienced because of uptight, entitled brats with no sense of humor.  These campuses could never handle a stand up routine like this video below.

If you want to see how insane it’s getting within universities, check out this one.  A transgender woman who was attending an all women’s university changed her sex to a man.  Note that it’s very important that we get her sexual orientation right!  He now identifies himself as “masculine of center gender queer.”    My gosh, what a mouthful.  I mean honestly, come on, is sexual identity THAT complicated?  He was apparently running for some position as a diversity president of some organization on campus.  This caused outrage and all the women screamed out that they wouldn’t tolerate a MAN as their president.  Men are the very symbol of the patriarchy and oppression!  So they tried appointing several black women for the position, but they didn’t want it and dropped out of the race.  So this erupted into protests all over campus and all these women were telling the other students not to vote at all.

Speaking of which, I’ve never understood the left’s obsession with sexual orientation.  Pansexual, demisexual, asexual, bisexual, gay, lesbian, transgender, they’re obsessed with sexual orientation.  If you go on a leftist sight like Huffington Post, almost everyday you’ll see some celebrity coming out as some sexual orientation.  Miley Cyrus comes out as pansexual!  Really?  Great!  Why is this mainstream news?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very live and let live.  I’m not going to interfere with your sex life and frankly, I could care less about it.  There’s way more important things to be thinking about.

But the left doesn’t think so.  Sexual identity is their big thing.  They even try to create a new language around it all.  Someone has decided that all these different sexual orientations need their own pronouns now, and those who aren’t using them are insensitive and disrespectful.  I don’t agree with everything said in this next video, but take note of all this diversity and inclusion language stuff.

Honestly, I don’t know how these weaklings will ever function in reality.  A debate took place at Brown university between a feminist and a libertarian.  The feminist women were terrified that this speaker would “invalidate people’s experiences” and so they went to set up a safe space, a special room filled with coloring books, cookies, Play-Doh, calming music, puppies, and blankets.  I’m not joking.  That’s how infantile and pathetic this is all getting. Any of these poor women who might be troubled or triggered during the debate were to run off into this special room, their safe space, where they’d be hugged and coddled and told it’ll all be ok.  I have way too much respect for women to believe that any of you ladies are that weak and can’t even handle a dissenting opinion.  This is all because a speaker came in arguing a different position from theirs.

All of this is absolute lunacy.  I can’t help but wonder where all this madness came from.  The world wasn’t this crazy just a five or ten years ago.  This stupidity just exploded onto the scene and now it’s everywhere.  My friends and I have talked about this and think that this stuff existed in the past, but these vocal minorities have been very effective with social media, and their madness is seeping into the mainstream, like toxic sludge.  Most people are not as crazy as those in the videos above, but you can see young people taking in these ideas and it’s sad.

I don’t really know how all of this happened, but I heard one young woman on Youtube talk about her experience.  She started off on Tumbler, sharing her art with friends.  Then someone sent her information about the gender pay-gap and some inspiring empowerment quotes from Beyonce.  That got her subscribed to these feminist feeds and then she started absorbing all of these sorts of ideas.  She started to become a full on social justice warrior until she found some Youtube channels of skeptics pointing out the flaws in all these ideas.  Then she thought, my god, what was I being sucked into?  That’s my best guess as to how these sorts of people are born and why so many young people are drawn to this garbage.  They’re young, idealistic, and naive.  This indoctrination of stupidity is happening everyday, as young teenagers sit in their rooms, alone on their tablets and computers, reading Tumblr and Facebook.