Bernie Sanders vs Hillary Clinton

I have no idea who will win the Republican nomination, but the Democratic party seems to be split between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.  I wanted to highlight some important differences between the candidates and why I think Bernie Sanders is far more principled.

Hillary Clinton

In the video posted below, you’ll see that Hillary changes her positions whenever it’s convenient.  She was for the Iraq war , but now that we the people realized it was a fiasco, she now claims it was a mistake.  She was staunchly against gay marriage, but now that gay rights is an important issue for many people, she has flip-flopped.  Now she’s claiming to be a gay-rights champion and that she’s always been.  She was for the Patriot Act until Edward Snowden exposed it and other programs for what they are; now she acts like she’s always been opposed to these unconstitutional programs.  Hillary used to be anti-immigration, not unlike what you see in the Republican debates.  Now she portrays herself as their new champion (and claims she’s always been on their side).  As for the war on drugs, Hillary supported it, but now that people are fighting for marijuana’s legalization and have become aware of how many people are incarcerated for non-violent offenses, she has changed her position.  Hillary licks her fingers and feels the political breeze and then says whatever she has to say to get elected.  Then when she gets into office, she votes for any bill which serves the powerful interests who fund her campaigns.   If you visit, I encourage you to look at Hillary Clinton’s top donors.  Who do you think she’ll represent?

Clinton donors

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders was always against the Iraq war.  He was against the Gulf War.  He was against all the wars.  He was against the Patriot Act, and was (I believe) the only senator to vote against it.  He’s always championed universal healthcare and fought against big financial interests.  He’s always argued that a college degree is now the equivalent of a high-school diploma, and that college tuition should be paid for in full.  He’s always been against the war on drugs.  He’s always been a champion of gay rights, even when, in his early career, it completely ostracized him from his peers.  His positions have been the same throughout his entire career.  As for Bernie’s supporters, they’re all individual people who donate, on average, $33.00.  He does not even have a SuperPAC.

I was moved watching him deliver his speech to an empty room, warning against the wars in the middle east, how much it would cost us, and how it would destabilize the region.  I like people who are consistent and principled.  I don’t have to agree with them on every issue, but I like knowing who I’m voting for and what they’re about.

Why do I feel Bernie is the best candidate of all of them?  I know this guy will help the poor get health insurance, will help young people pay for their college, will end the wars, will focus our resources toward our failing infrastructure, end the government’s programs spying on all of us (and the world), will end the war on drugs, and most of all, he would get money out of politics.  Considering he’s the only one without a SuperPAC, he seems just the man to do it.

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