Snow Storms Lead To Babies

Human beings often fail to think about what they’re doing. Even when we have children, very little planning or thought seems to go into it.  I’ve been studying meteorology all morning and I came across an interesting blurb.

“The blizzard of 1996 was an awesome event. Lasting three days in January, the storm dumped huge amounts of snow over the east coast of the United States. Winds swirled the snow into monstrous drifts that closed roads and left many people stranded in their homes. Nine months later, during October, a second blizzard of sorts took place—a blizzard baby boom. Hospitals began reporting a sudden surge in baby births. West Jersey Hospital in Pennsauken, New Jersey, for example, delivered 25 percent more babies in October, 1996, than during the same month in 1995. Other hospitals throughout the northeast reported similar increases.”

– Essentials of Meterology: An Invitation To The Atmosphere

People get snowed into their homes, husbands and wives seem to have nothing better to do, so they look at each other and get busy making babies.  A random snow storm can lead to a huge swell in our population.  This also seems to shed light on many couples’ sex lives.

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