Man Walks Into Airport With Assault Rifle

There is so much fear in the world.  Fear itself isn’t a bad thing, as there are legitimate dangers in the world, but we live in too much fear.  The problem with humans is we have a limited perspective, giving us limited knowledge.  When you combine this with a powerful imagination, there’s no end to the number of imaginary threats we can conjure up.

Just the other day, a man from Georgia waltzes into an airport with a fully loaded AR-15 assault rifle hanging from his neck.  You’d think this is going to be yet another mass shooting, but it wasn’t.  He was just some guy dropping off his daughter.

Apparently the state of Georgia allows a person to acquire an open-carry permit, allowing this man to take his assault rifle with him everywhere he goes.

When airport security was cautious and approached him, asking him why he was carrying that assault rifle around, he became indignant.  He told the police officers, over and over, that it’s his right to carry it with him everywhere he goes.  To the bank, the grocery store, the barber shop, literally wherever he goes.

What sort of threats does this guy imagine?  What sort of wild conspiracy theories are running through this man’s head?  Does he think Al Qaeda terrorists are waiting to blow themselves up while he’s getting his prescription medications at Walgreens?  Does he plan on sitting in the high school parking lot, waiting to stop the next lone school shooter?  Is he going to personally patrol the borders and keep out the illegal immigrants?  If an inner city drug addict robs a convenience store, does he plan to jump out of his car and unload on the poor guy for stealing $250?  I don’t understand what he hopes to accomplish with an AR-15 assault rifle with a giant magazine of ammunition.

I’m very uncomfortable with untrained people carrying loaded weapons which could easily kill a crowd of people in less than a minute.  We have war veterans suffering from PTSD, loons whose heads are filled with conspiracy theories, and hot heads all carrying powerful weapons around with them.

I’m uncomfortable being the grocery store, knowing the person behind me is packing a gun.  I don’t know this person.  I don’t know what they believe.  I don’t know what sets them off.  I don’t know their history.  It’s very uncomfortable.

The only people I want carrying guns are trained professionals who have been informed as to how to handle criminal situations and have went through proper psychological screening.  If a person wants a handgun at home for self-defense, and they keep it at home, I suppose I can get behind that.  I don’t want them all over town.

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