The Dark Side Of Life

This post will discuss topics I rarely talk about with anyone.  That’s mainly because if you bring these things up, it’s almost as if you’re a flawed human being.  Happiness and positivity are practically mandates in today’s society, but I think as a consequence, many people are extremely shallow and overlook many of the things which are obviously wrong with this reality. I plan to bring up the dark side of life and the sorts of things which deeply depress me.

This short, incomplete list will give you an idea why I will never have children.  I don’t want to bring any other life into this world.  I’m going to try to make this world a little better place before I go, and then I will silently exit and hope I never return to this place.

When I think on this list, I just want to go out into a log cabin and have nothing to do with this world.  I want to explore physics, consciousness, and the deepest aspects of this universe, and forget about human existence.


Also note that there’s no way I can discuss these topics in complete depth.  I’m just planning to skim over some things to reflect about.

1. The Frailness Of Our Bodies

All life has evolved from simple cellular organisms swimming in the oceans.  We’re basically complex organizations of dirt and water.  We can be injured and destroyed very easily.  We suffer immensely from disease, hunger, bad weather, bodily injuries, and many other things.  Our knowledge of our bodies is also very crude, and when things malfunction, we lack the technical ability to fix ourselves.

The human body is badly engineered, and to top it off, I find it rather disgusting.  While we’re putting cream and make-up on our faces and styling our hair, very few of us think about what’s underneath our skin, powering our bodies.  It’s really gross.

If I cut open your mid-section, that’s what both you and I look like inside.  It’s not pleasant.  There’s a reason why we stink if we don’t shower and scrub ourselves everyday in the shower.  We’re vast colonies of bacteria.  Our underarms stink.  Our breath stinks.  We have turds flowing through our insides.  Gross is an understatement.

We cover ourselves in clothing and give ourselves artificial smells with perfume, mouth wash, etc., to temporarily mask our real selves, which is abhorrent to even smell or look at.

And strangest of all, why is my mind constituted in such a way to find myself disgusting?  What a cruel state of existence.

2. Our Cruel and Stupid Inner Instincts

All life on Earth has evolved by natural selection.  There was a massive contest between species to reproduce and survive.  That’s not to say the most advanced, most intelligent, and most beautiful life-forms flourished over others.  Not at all.  All we can say is that what’s left on planet Earth is that which has been able to survive and reproduce.  That’s it.  Ticks, tape-worms, chiggers, mosquitos, and all the rest, they’re here too.

This survival process has created our brains.  Our minds are natively programmed with all kinds of evolutionary baggage and they threaten our survival and happiness.  Why do people try to control and dominate one another?  Why do people enjoy violence?  Why do we blindly follow leaders without thinking?  Why are people obsessed with sex and continually discontent with their partners in relationships?  Many things like this stem from evolutionary baggage and can be explained, but I don’t have time.  All that needs to be said is that we have stupid instincts and it causes immense suffering on this planet.


The only real weapon we have against the stupidity of our own unconscious minds is education.  We have to learn to suppress our inner instincts and realize that the behavior they’re telling us to do is not in our best interests.  However, school is boring.  And why is it boring?  Our ancestors evolved on the plains of Africa, chasing wild animals with spears.  We want to move, we want to hunt, and we want to kill things.  We didn’t evolve to sit in an office cubicle and stamp insurance forms.

All of this is why kids find physics boring but they enjoy playing Call of Duty, where they spend hours and hours killing one another with all kinds of weaponry.  To actually enjoy something like physics requires immense mental development and education.  It requires years and years of exploration into the nature of this cosmos.  Without that education, there’s no way a person would find physics interesting.  All they’re interested in is sex and money.

3. Wars

Human history is depressing.  No matter what time period a person lived in, there has always been stupid humans guided by animal instincts, bent on controlling, dominating, and exploiting everyone around them.


As time has gone on, the weapons have only gotten more and more powerful.  Now we have gatling guns which can mow down an entire crowd of people in seconds.  We have chemical weapons which will eat the flesh off of all living organisms and leave them gasping in horror as they die.  We have drones which can drop missiles on you from space – you can’t even see or anticipate your own death.  But worst of all we have…

4. Nuclear Weapons

As we speak, nuclear missiles are aimed at every major city in the world.  One slight misunderstanding or mistake and KABOOM.  The entire human race will be wiped off the face of the Earth.  Why did we build these things?  Why have they not been dismantled?  This is far beyond self-defense.  Using them only means mutual annihilation.  It’s complete insanity.


5.  Squirrely Beliefs and Religions

I understand that we are all trying to make sense of this reality that we’re experiencing, but I hate the intolerance, the anti-science, the bigotry against gays, the wars, and all the other things that so often comes along with religion and superstition.


It breaks my heart to see women’s faces cut up when they’re caught sleeping with someone they love outside of marriage, or others who are stoned to death in the streets because someone doesn’t approve of a decision they made.  I can’t believe the modern world has ISIS in it.

6.  Plagues, Disease, and Cancer

Science is the only real weapon we have against all the viruses, bacteria, and other infections which can take control of our bodies and steal our health and happiness.  If we ever let stupid, superstitious people in control of our governments, they will take funding away from biotechnology research, and we will not have any weapons against all the microscopic forces which want to ravage our bodies.


7. Natural Disasters

Despite what you may think, neither the Earth nor the universe cares that we exist.  Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes and more continue to destroy our cities and kill innocent people.

Maybe one day science will gain enough control over the forces of nature to prevent disasters like this, but I think we’re a long way from that.

8. Racism

Have you ever wondered why the Ku Klux Klan dresses in white robes?  Well, white slave owners used to fill their black slaves minds with superstitions that ghosts would attack them and give them diseases if they ever tried to escape.  So, they’d put on white robes and terrify their slaves at night.  They’re vile human beings.


I hate seeing police brutality, where poor blacks are strangled to death in broad daylight for selling individual cigarettes on the streets, or children are brutally gunned down in parks.  I can’t believe it still goes on today.

9. Celebrity Culture

I don’t hate celebrities as people, but their whole culture and how pervasive it is depressing.  Go on Youtube, try to check out in the grocery store, or attempt to read the news, and there it is.  This superficial, shallow world of make-up, dressing up, sex tips, and other garbage is thrown in your face.  Is that a baby bump Jennifer Aniston?  Who knows and who cares.

Movies today are mostly special effects, violence and sex with little food for thought. Everybody’s always trying to sell us something and people are famous for doing absolutely nothing.

It’s just empty, vacuous, and devoid of intelligence.

 10. Controlled News Sources

A small handful of large corporations like AOL, GE, News Corp, and a few others own and control everything.  If they’re not selling us things we often don’t need, they’re systematically bribing and controlling our government.  As Noam Chomsky points out, their goal is to manufacture consent.


It’s depressing.  The only information we have access to is what the giant money making entities want us to know.  It’s painful to watch.

11. Wealth Inequality

We hear a lot about wealth inequality today.  The richest 1% continue to earn more and more while the middle class slowly withers away.  Are these facts true?  Yes.  If you look at the numbers, it’s happening, without a doubt.

Income Top 1 Percent


Where I live in the United States, costs for health care, education, most everything else a person needs continue to rise far faster than wages.  This is a huge topic, but we hear about it everyday.  There’s no need for me to go on about it.

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  1. Shouldn’t have read this tonight. Had a bad day, and now this is like the perfect icing on the cake. :'(

    Chin up man. Do not go gentle into that good night…

  2. There is something in this article that makes me happy! I know I must be insane but the truth is I want to kill every single human being I ever knew painfully …. I just want to laugh when people burns I will give my life to see this world erased from the existence …. In the end the end the question arises in my mind AM I INSANE..??

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