Scientists See A Lot More

Not too long ago I said that I was going to finish my last load of “crap courses” this next semester and be off to finish some final classes in graduate school.  Well, there’s been a change in plans.  Come this next semester, I’ll be taking more physics courses.  I met with my adviser and it turns out that I can take courses outside my university online and receive credits. They’re not credits that will help me graduate (only undergraduate credits I need are humanities and other things), but I honestly don’t care right now.

I’m not married and probably never will be.  I have no responsibilities.  I don’t have any debts to worry about and pay off.  I might as well study everything I’ve ever wondered about and just keep going as far as I can with it all.  That’s what my parents have been telling me to do as well.  My mother sat with me one evening and said, “Why are you worried about graduating?  Why does that matter to you?”  Other than wanting to get deeply involved in research I’m interested in, there really isn’t a reason.  When I think about it, my curiosity to study all the different areas of physics is more important to me than specializing and doing research.

But anyway, I’ll be taking courses on cosmology and general relativity.  That and I’ll be studying tensor calculus.  So, so much for the plans.  When do I ever follow a plan anyway?  It’s back to thinking about the expansion of the universe, black holes, and galaxy formation!

I’ve been excited to see MIT Opencourseware posting their graduate school lectures online.  All of their quantum field theory courses, particle physics, general relativity, and all the rest.  That’s amazing.  In today’s world, pretty much anyone has access to the best lectures in the world, and with these online options for students, you can take courses at different universities online and have your exams taken where you are.  It’s exciting.

3 thoughts on “Scientists See A Lot More”

  1. I understand that passion regarding science- whether quantum or classical. I understand the fascination with Cosmology …but why on earth are humanities “crap courses”?


    1. I don’t consider classes with dull Power-Point presentations and tests which consist of memorizing long lists of bold-faced terms to be all that useful. I can’t stand those classes. I’ve also studied all of these things in great depth, far beyond anything that’s covered in class. I’m bored out of my mind.

  2. :O That is absolutely weird! They teach humanities with ppt???!!!!

    Oh man, I have had a completely different experience in my classes. Well, you just have to power through somehow. Just push yourself a little bit more and you are free.

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