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No Miracle People

I really enjoyed this short video. Richard Feynman discusses what it takes to be a great scientist. There are no miracle people.  It just comes down to getting really interested in something, putting a great deal of time and energy … Continue reading

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More Thoughts On Rap Music

Geraldo Rivera is taking a lot of heat for comments he’s made about rap music and how it’s a toxic influence on young people.  Watching his TV interviews, I agreed with him.  Maybe that’s a sign that I’m getting older, but … Continue reading

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Slugging Through The Mud

When I woke up this morning, I found myself thinking about how it’s much easier for us to waste our lives  than it is to make something of ourselves.  This world has a million different things competing for your thoughts … Continue reading

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University Life

I feel bad that I haven’t posted anything in the last two weeks.  I’ve had a lot of things in mind, but this semester I’ve taken a large load of “mickey mouse” courses (my adviser’s description, not mine), and they’re … Continue reading

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