Ten Years Of Blogging

Wow, I just noticed that come this March, I will have been blogging for ten years!  That’s hard to believe. I don’t really know what to say.

Today I found myself reflecting on all the years I’ve been blogging and then I asked myself why I’ve been at it for so long.  A lot of people start blogs, but very few people keep at it week after week, year after year.  So why do I do it?

I think that I want to let people know that I’m here and that I exist.  In my own experience, it’s difficult to connect to people.  I rarely have significant, deep conversations with anyone. I think a lot of you who read these blog posts know more about me than people who interact with me everyday in real life.  Most of the time, life doesn’t afford us moments to share thoughts like these.  We’re all familiar strangers.

I wish I could just walk up to people I don’t know and start up a deep conversation.  How is your love life?  Tell me about it, in detail.  What do you think of this place?  This world?  What’s it like living your life, as you?  What do you think of your job?  Your career?  What about the people around you?  What’s your relationship like with your parents?  Your coworkers?  Your siblings?  Your spouse?  Your children?  Did life turn out how you thought it would?  Would you rather be someplace else?  If so, where?  What are your dreams?  What did you have to give up in your life?  If I’ve been successful, a careful reader should be able to answer all of these questions for me.

Over the years, I hope I’ve managed to paint a vivid picture of who I am, what I think about, and how I feel about things, and that you all have seen how I’ve grown over the years.

One thought on “Ten Years Of Blogging”

  1. I know you didn’t ask me. But I am one of the ‘people’ – being a human et al- so I shall answer:

    How is your love life? – typical man+woman as lovers scenario? I wish I could say “awesome” but not everybody gets everything in life. It is ok though. I have been in two relationships, both very intense and I have been 100% honest at all times (and I am not kidding- even no white lies…I am kind of boring that way). But they weren’t meant to be. I am happy though, for having loved passionately, steadfastly and loyally. (Not that this ought to be a standard for all; this is the standard for me)

    What do you think of this place? This world? I…..I am speechless. I feel so much…emotions get very overwhelming when I realize that I will not have enough time to walk along with this universe…that I am never its equivalent, but just a tiny little thing that is sheltered…that this universe does not really care for me, or you, or anyone else…but it is like a massive train wreck…heading towards its own chaotic swirl of entropy.

    What do you think of your job? Your career? I think I am at a very interesting stage. Changed my career completely…gearing up for a new endeavour.

    What’s your relationship like with your parents? AMAZING! Oh man, if I believe in God (which I think I do) I would say “Man someone up there really loves me”. I have amazing people in my family…who support me in EVERY WAY possible. I am very very very lucky. They are simply…amazing.

    Your coworkers? I freelance. I can say I have had great clients to work with. Been lucky that way too! 🙂

    Your siblings? we have kind of a joint family. And they are also awesome! 😀

    Your spouse? Never married.

    Did life turn out how you thought it would? Of course not! And I am so glad. Even though sometimes I get depressed. But overall I am glad.

    What are your dreams? 🙂 To one day become a sanyasini (hermit) and renounce the world and go to Kaza (Spiti valley) and meditate. Well this is a dream. Not sure if it will ever happen. But if you are looking for a less quirky answer then I would say – be a good human being, be strong (you will know what I mean by that), and to take care of my family – keep them happy no matter what.

    Well that’s it. I skipped a few questions, since I did not want to leave a loooong comment.

    Take care Jason. I wish you peace.

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