I’m An Agnostic

I consider myself an agnostic.  I don’t know whether God exists, what forces created our universe, or how it all began.  I don’t know if those ideas are even relevant to the universe and what it is.

I wanted to share two videos from two prominent thinkers of our time.  This first video is the Stanford physicist Leonard Susskind discussing his agnosticism.  Considering he’s one of the founders of string theory, a scientist at the forefront of our knowledge of cosmology and the universe, you may expect him to take a really strong stance like, “We can explain how the universe began without needing a creator.”  But you don’t see him doing that.  He has no idea if this universe had a creator or not.   He feels we humans probably lack the intelligence to even ask the right questions to begin with.  Our minds can’t even comprehend what this universe actually is.

In this next video, the naturalist David Attenborough gives a really interesting analogy.  He explains how he often would encounter termite mounds and would open the top.  Since the termites lacked the sense organs, they had no way of knowing he was even there.  He feels that our position in the universe is similar.  There may be all kinds of things going on around us for which we lack the sense organs to perceive.  There may even be intelligent entities watching us without us knowing.  How would we know?  We’re like the termites.

If you combine the positions in these two videos, you can get a good idea about how I feel about these sorts of big questions.  I simply don’t know.  There are some things I know and other things I don’t know.  Some things I’m more sure of than others.  That’s about all there is to say.

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