Million Dollar Baby

A Canadian couple recently decided to take a vacation to the United States.  Being aware of our healthcare system here, she bought insurance from Blue Cross before leaving.  The woman was pregnant but wasn’t due for nine weeks.  After consulting with her doctor, he gave her the ok that she’d be fine.

A few days after getting here, her water broke, and she ended up having her baby earlier than expected.  Both her and her baby had to remain in intensive care for several weeks.  They’re both fine now, but then the family got a bill for $950,000 from the Hawaiian hospital.  Blue Cross then weaseled their way out of it by saying, “Oh, she had a preexisting condition.  We don’t have to pay.”

Her Canadian doctor back home wrote Blue Cross saying, “No, she didn’t have any sort of preexisting condition.  I checked her out before she left.”  Did the listen?  No.  They don’t want to deal with it.

The rest of the world just stares at us and thinks, “Americans are insane.”  Ana of Young Turks tells a story where she went to Spain and twisted her ankle.  She just visited the hospital there and they took care of her, no questions asked and no bill.  And like I said in my last post, those countries spend half as much as we do, and that’s how their healthcare system works — you just walk in and they take care of you.

Like Ana, I wouldn’t recommend any foreigner to vacation here.  If you get sick, it will totally destroy your life.  You’ll get a massive bill you could never pay, and it’ll wipe you out financially, taking everything you have.  Your home, your savings, and everything else you own is at risk the second you step into our border.  It’s not worth it.

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