Political Rant

If you live here in the United States, you’re probably already well aware that our healthcare system is completely broken.  If you want to hear a really sad fact, international charitable organizations have been coming into our country to provide healthcare to the millions of people who are uninsured.  We’ve been deemed as remote as Haiti and Guyana in terms of access to medical care, at least in certain areas of our country.

As Thanksgiving approaches, thousands of people crowd into New York City parking lots, waiting for days in the cold, hoping to see a dentist, get their eyes checked, and receive basic healthcare.  And if you’ve checked the weather lately, you’ll notice that it’s below freezing and there’s snow on the ground.

A typical picture is that of a poor American (students, the unemployed, minimum wage workers, etc) having to suffer from a rotting tooth, waiting in line for days in a cold parking in the middle of November, hoping to see a volunteer British dentist.  Others wait with their  young children, sleeping in sleeping bags to avoid the long lines, hoping to be first to enter the make-shift tent with the volunteer French optometrist who can get their child the glasses he or she needs to see the blackboard at school.

And you know what?  Republicans have an answer to this.  That young seven year old boy squinting his eyes because he can’t read his textbook needs to learn responsibility!  Suffering will teach him to show up on time.  These young boys and girls need to mop those floors after school and buy what they need!  He’ll learn to take pride in his school.

We can get rid of minimum wage laws and work the little guys for $1.50 an hour.  After all, they’re nowhere near as good as an adult janitor.  If they want more, they’ll have to prove themselves.  And if they work for the entire school year, saving every penny and dime, maybe then they can get their pair of glasses they need to see.

You know who Newt Gingrich reminds me of?  Mr. Bumble from Charles Dickens novel Oliver Twist.


“Please sir, I’d like some more.”


Whhaattttttt!?  MMOOOoooorrreeeeee!?  Catch him!  Snatch him!  Hold him!  Scold him!  

If you watch that video above, take notice to the big “God Is Love” painted on the wall.

We’re the wealthiest nation on Earth yet we have 41 million Americans without health insurance.  We’re heading in the right direction with the Affordable Care Act.  Sure, it has problems, but we need to expand Medicare to take care of these people.  Sadly, in recently elections, Republicans have taken majorities in both branches of Congress and they’ve assured us that they’re going to repeal all the progress we’ve made.  What happens next is sort of up in the air.

And what’s the Republican agenda for our country?  From what I gather, they plan on cutting taxes for corporations and the wealthy, ship out the immigrants, and deploy more troops in the Middle East to fight ISIS.  How that’s going to balance the budget, I have no clue.  Cut taxes when we have a 500 billion dollar deficit?   (On the bright side, at least we’re not running trillion dollar deficits like we were a few years ago.)


No, at a bare minimum we need to keep taxes where they are, but preferably even higher.  Then we need to drastically cut spending as well, but mostly from an extremely bloated defense department.  We really don’t need to spend more money than the rest of the world combined when it comes to defense.


And I’m sorry to tell you all, there’s far more pressing issues to deal with than whether or not Bill Cosby raped a woman thirty years ago.  Yes, it’s awful, but don’t you realize that it’s all a distraction?  Wall Street has not been reformed.  They’re still up to the same tricks that took our economy down in 2008.  We’re still spending trillions of dollars in the Middle East, building bases, bombing desert villages, and chasing terrorist rebels who knows where.  Student loans have surpassed credit card and all other forms of debt, outside of mortgages.


And speaking of healthcare, look at this chart.


If that beast isn’t tamed, we’re in for some serious trouble.  It’s really sad that when we try to reform healthcare, even a little, this giant propaganda machine kicks in, everyone gets confused, all sorts of misleading statistics are presented from all sides, and nobody knows what’s going on.

The fact is that other major countries with “government healthcare” spend half what we do, and are able to provide healthcare to every one of their citizens.  Many will argue, “The government can’t do anything!”  But that simply isn’t true.  All over the world, healthcare is provided to every one of their citizens and it doesn’t break their budget.


Not only do we have a much larger GDP, but we spend way more of it on healthcare.  I’ve always been puzzled as to why we can’t cut our healthcare spending in half from 16% to 8% of GDP through good reforms.  I’m really tired of excuses.

And what’s up with our old people?


It’s beyond frustrating because there’s nothing I can do.  I just have to sit and watch it unfold.


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