Gospel Tracts On My Car

After playing basketball in the gym for several hours today, I found that someone had left a Christian tract on my car window.  We’ve all seen them.  It basically said that I needed to repent, and asked me what I’d do if I died and had to stand before God.

I haven’t worried about that sort of thing for a long time.  The Bible claims that we all descended from Adam and Eve, and that we’ve all inherited some form of original sin.  This innate sin condemns us to hellfire for eternity absent us calling on the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ to save us.  Is that reasonable to believe?  In light of all we know today, I don’t think so.

The evidence for evolution is overwhelming. You can look at it all from several different fields of study, whether it be comparative anatomy, embryology, fossils, DNA/genetics, or the distribution of species over the planet.  They all point toward the fact that life evolved on this planet by natural selection.  Just to give you a taste, check out this video.

When I think about the issue and consider the evidence, there is no original sin, Adam and Eve never existed, and the whole idea of needing to be “saved” is unnecessary.  Saved from what?  The whole premise of the Christian faith seems to be misguided.

As I was pulling out of the parking lot, I saw the group of young men who had placed the tracts on my car.  They had made these posters, “Jesus Saves”, and other young men were holding posters, “Hell is Real”.  They were attempting to get the attention of cars passing by.

I can remember growing up as a kid and people from my church would do similar things.  Sometimes they’d ask me to come along, but I was always too embarrassed to join them.  Thinking on it all now, it all seems like a strange dream.  There was a point when I actually believed those same things.  Driving past them, I felt like I was in an episode of the Twilight Zone.

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  1. You should watch GOD OF WONDERS on Youtube. Evolution is a hoax, animal adapt they do not evolve. Don’t let evolution make a monkey out of you. Where did our moral come from if we evolved from apes? How did life start? Why are apes still around why didn’t they evolve? God is real my friend. and eternal life is a GIFT not a Reward. Believe in Jesus Christ (death, burial, resurrection) for your sins and you will be saved.

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