Closer To Truth Has A New Website

One of my favorite websites, Closer To Truth, has just underwent a major revision.  There you can find several television episodes, as well as indepth interviews from some of the world’s deepest thinkers.

So what sorts of things will you find?  Some topics explored include the following:

– What are the fundamental building blocks of reality?
– What are the limits of physics and physical theory?  Are there things which can’t be explained by our theories of the physical world?
– What is time and space?
– Is time real or is it an illusion?
– Can a person time-travel?
– What is quantum physics?
– Why is quantum gravity so important?
– What is complexity, emergence, and self-organization?
– Is mathematics eternal?
– Is information the foundation of reality?
– Do we live in a simulation?
– How big is the cosmos?
– Did the universe have a beginning or has it always existed?
– What does the expanding universe mean?
– How significant is an expanding universe?
– Are there multiple universes?
– How did matter form in the early universe?
– Why are black holes so interesting?
– What does a fine-tuned universe mean?
– Is life and mind inevitable in the universe?
– What is the far future of the universe?
– Are science and religion at war?
– Can science explain God?
– Should science even discuss religion?
– Can science provide ultimate answers?
– What is the ultimate reality?
– What are the ultimate questions of nature?
– Are the laws of nature always constant?
– Does cosmology provide meaning?
– What is causation?
– Why is there anything at all?
– What is the mind-body problem?
– Can all mind operations be explained by computation and brain operations?
– What do brains do?
– How do brains malfunction?
– How are brains conscious?
– What is self-awareness and memory?
– Is consciousness an illusion?
– Is consciousness fundamental and irreducible?
– Is consciousness unified?
– Is consciousness emergent, and if so, from what?
– Is consciousness rooted in quantum computation?
– What are altered states of consciousness?
– What is enlightenment?
– Why do we sleep and have dreams?
– Does consciousness lead to God?
– Must the universe contain consciousness?
– What things are conscious?
– What is truth?
– What is the “self”?  What is the “I”?
– What makes personal identity continue?
– Is death final?
– Is there an afterlife?
– What would immortality feel like?
– Do people have souls?
– Can science explain beauty and aesthetics?
– How do belief systems work?
– How do belief systems affect believers?
– What is free will?  Is it an illusion?  Do we have it?
– What are the problems of free will?
– What is synchronicity?  Does it exist?
– What is God?  Do any of our ideas about God make sense?
– Why should a person believe in God?
– Can many religions all be true?
– Does philosophy inform religion?
– What is evil?  Can there be morality without God?

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